Oct 29, 2022

Richland Golf Tournament Results


A truly beautiful weekend for APT Maryland to host its Second event and the third event in the fall series for Virginia/Maryland for the 2023 season. Saturday started off chilly as the day progress it became a beautiful day for our 25 players.  The event was a Stapleford format 

Division 1: 
The D1 winner was from the Central Pennsylvania tour Arainda Behura, had a total of 25 points to edge out Virginia Capital Player Buzz (William) Buzinski. 

Division 2:  
The D2 winner was from the Maryland Chapter Joe Duranko with 37 total points.  Second was from Maryland Dave Baca with 36 points, third was from Virginia Capital Fred Levine with 35 points. 

Division 3: 
The D3 winner was a first-time winner Bryan Patterson from the Maryland Chapter with 35 total points to edge out Christy McCauley from the Central Carolina she had 34 points third was Charlie Hertell of the Maryland Chapter with 31 points, 

Division 4:   
The D4 winner was Carl Reddix from the Maryland Chapter with 35 total points.  

Division 5:   
D5 winner was Darryl Marshall from Maryland Chapter with a total of 41 points.  Frank Holbrook also from Maryland came in second with 25 points. 

Senior Net:
The Senior Net went to a Darryl Marshall from the Maryland Chapter. Congrats to all the winners 


Richland Winners

Division 1

Arabinda Behura


Division 2 Champion

Joe Duranko


Division 3 Champion

Bryan Patterson


Division 4 Champion

Carl Reddix


Division 5 &
Senior Net Champion

Darryl Marshall