By The Players...For the Players

Pace of Play

The Amateur Players Tour Pace of Play policy gives the responsibility of maintaining the pace of play with the player.  Pace of Play plays a huge role in the experience of every player in a golf tournament. Pace of Play times will be printed on each players scorecards, and players are expected to play within the time allotted for each tournament. The target pace of play guideline for Amateur Players Tour events is 4:30.  USGA rule 6-7 governs pace of play in the USGA rulebook. For a group to be considered on pace, they should be waiting on the group in front of them as they finish out the 18th hole. Proper pace of play will help make the golf tournament experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Pace of Play Guidelines

The Tournament Committee has established pace of play guidelines for the maximum period of time allowed to complete a stipulated round, a hole, or a stroke under Rule 6-7 and 33-1.

  • Each player is given 40 seconds to complete each stroke once it is his/her turn to play.

The 40 second clock starts when you have a reasonable amount of time to get to your ball and it is your turn to play. If you receive a bad time, the first time you will receive a warning and the second time you will receive a two-stroke penalty.

It is YOUR responsibility to monitor your pace of play to ensure that your group stays on pace. It is NOT the committee’s responsibility to warn you on slow play.

Lead Group(s)

The first group(s) must finish their eighteen hole round within the allotted time allowed by the committee (4:30 unless otherwise noted on the scorecard).  If the lead group fails to finish the round within the allotted time allowed by the committee, a 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to the group or individuals in a group on their final hole of play.  Exception: If the lead group is held up by public play that was sent out before them or play that began on an opposite tee, they will be exempt from the pace of play penalty(s) if they finish over their maximum time but within 15 minutes of the group ahead of them.

Following Groups

A 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to any group or individuals in a group failing to complete their 18th hole within 14 minutes of the group in front of them AND within the allotted time established by the committee.

Players are advised of the following:

·       Tournament officials are not required to notify a player and/or group that they are behind.  The group is responsible as well as each individual player in the group.  Each group is responsible for monitoring its own pace.  Proper pace means you are waiting right behind the group in front of you as they finish their 18th hole.

·       As a courtesy to each player, pace of play times will be printed on your official scorecard.


If you are concerned about slow play in your group, you should first remind the player of the pace of play policy and encourage them to play more efficiently.  A player may request a member of the Tournament Committee to monitor the group before or after penalties are assessed.  If the player is identified as holding up the pace of the group, penalties may be applied to that player and rescinded from the others.  Appeals will be considered only in the scoring area after the completion of the round before turning in scorecards.