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Take your TOUR Experience to the next level by downloading the Amateur Players Tour App free in your app store.  Log in using your cell phone number or email to gain access to all of the App's features.  Utilize the Amateur Players Tour App for Live Scoring, View Leaderboards, Register for Tournaments, View Schedules, keep up to date with valuable information on our Tournament Information Pages, View Standings, Stats and more!  Everything you need to stay in the know on the Amateur Players Tour is at your fingertips and is available for FREE on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.  Staying connected to the TOUR has never been easier!


Utilize the App for Live Scoring

All Amateur Players Tour events utilize Live Scoring exclusively through the Amateur Players Tour app.  Once you check-in by logging into the App with your cell phone number, email, or check-in code provided to you by Tournament Staff, you will have access to live scoring.  Make sure you select the tournament, then go to the bottom left of your screen where it says "card" and activate the live scoring on your device.  Select the scores for each hole for your playing partners and then swipe right to the next hole.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

GPS - The Hole button (top right) accesses a GPS of the hole being played with yardages.  If pin positions are loaded into the app, they will show up there as well.
Changing Scorers - If you need to take over all scorers in your group, or need to add someone to your card, click the gear icon next to scores.  Here you can add or take away players in your group that you are responsible for keeping score for.
Navigating Hole-By-Hole - You can navigate between holes by swiping either right or left, but you can also click the down arrow next to the Hole on the top of your screen.  This will open a menu that will let you easily navigate to any hole being played.

View Live Leaderboards

View leaderboards for all contests easily and efficiently through the app for all tournaments.  To toggle the default contest, click the arrow next to "Division 3".  This will allow you to toggle back and forth between Divisions, Skins, Super Skins, and other side games.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Hole-by-Hole Scores - Click on the players name to see their current hole-by-hole scorecard.
Points/Purse Awarded - Following the event, to see what points, purses and skins money that has been awarded, turning your phone sideways will allow you to see what points and money were awarded for each contest.


Register for Tournaments and View Schedules

Register for tournaments with a few simple clicks and easily toggle between schedules using filters to find events in your local chapter, events within a certain distance, events in a certain month, national majors and more.  The APT App gives you the option to save your Credit Card Information securely so tournament registration can happen easily and quickly.



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Tournament Information Pages

All Amateur Players Tour events feature Tournament Information Pages that are full of valuable tournament information for your reference.  Utilize the Tournament Information Pages for the Schedule of EventsAccommodations InformationContact InformationEvent FormatSponsor InformationSpecial Deals from SponsorsHard CardSenior Options and more!. Make sure to check the Tournament Information Pages for up-to-date information on tee times, pairings, and other pertinent information for the tournament!

View Standings and Stats

Access up-to-date Player of the Year race information through the Amateur Players Tour app.  Click on the Local Chapter to change to any local chapter's Player of the Year Race, including the National and Senior Player of the Year Races.  To change the Division and toggle between the Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year races, click on the Division below the chapter.  You can toggle between the standings and stats at the bottom of your screen.



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