May 21, 2023

2023 Southern Oaks Golf Tournament Results

Southern Oaks was our third sold-out event! We are having some good competitive rounds, including unusual and career bests, along with our usual great camaraderie among our players. It was an overcast day, keeping the sun at bay so the weather was not too hot for a pleasant golf event. 

We had 8 guests and 2 Member guests with 9 new members receiving their members kits at this event.  

We were a little off pace of play today with our average round of 4 Hrs. 52 Mins. but still a good round by all. 

Winner – Division 1: Andrew Morsinkhoff (75) 

We had a tie for 1st in Division 1 today. Andrew Morsinkhoff and guest, Sunay Jay both came into the clubhouse carrying a score of 75. Before the sudden death playoff, Sunay had left for the day, defaulting Andrew to claim 1st place. Daylon Lott and Cal Coker tied for 3rd place by coming in 1-stroke behind with a score of 76. Out of all four players, Cal had the most birdies with 6 on his card, but a couple of double bogeys kept him out of the winner’s circle. Looks like Cal is making his way up the Player of the Year list with only 4 places to go for #1 position. 

Winner – Division 2: Ryan Agnew (78) 

In Division 2, while Josh Alexander had the most pars in the division today, everyone was struck with a double bogey except Ryan Agnew who took 1st place, free of the dreaded double bogey. A tie for 2nd place was between Josh Alexander and Raymond Dawson, both with a score of 80. 

Winner – Division 3: Andrew Gonzales (77) 

The Division 3 track record of close race to the winner’s circle continued today. John Sutton had the most birdies with 6 of them, however, the bogey’s got him and gave Andrew Gonzales the opportunity to claim 1st place coming in with a score of 77. John Sutton and Tye Sasin tied for 2nd place with a score of 78. 

Winner – Division 4: Adam Wright (83) 

Although there were plenty of pars taken by the top 3 players in Division 4 today, Adam Wright took 1st place with an 83. His day started off with an eagle on the first hole. The eagle and a birdie helped him to the winner’s circle while Vincent Albano took 2nd place with an 86 and Paul Turner took 3rd with an 87. 

Winner – Division 5: Robert Haynes (78) 

That’s right folks, a score of 78 won Division 5 today! Robert Haynes played his best ever and had a career low score of 78. He was so excited about his round, he floated to his car on cloud 9, still amazed for such an incredible day. Gabriel Herring took 2nd place with an 86 and Eric Watson was 3rd with a 93. 

Winner – Senior Net – Robert Haynes  

We had 14 players in the Senior Net today. Robert Haynes also took the Senior Net trophy today after having such a great round. Coming in 2nd place was Tye Sasin, 3rd place was Vincent Albano. 

Lots of winners in our Skins games as well.  

Congratulations to all of our winners.  


Southern Oaks Winners

Division 1 Champion

Andrew Morsinkhoff


Division 2 Champion

Ryan Agnew


Division 3 Champion

Andrew Gonzales


Division 4 Champion

Adam Wright


Division 5 Champion

Robert Haynes


Senior Net Champion

Scott Prestridge