Nov 5, 2022

DeGray State Park Golf Tournament Results


What a beautiful day it turned out to be for golf. We started the morning with cool weather due to the overnight storm, luckily all the hurricanes veered away from our area. We introduced the Senior Net game for players 50 and up and it. was a huge Success with everyone loving it. We also welcomed some old friends from the Memphis chapter and Iowa Chapter to the 2023 kick off here in Arkansas. We love to see members visit The Natural State from other chapters. 

In Division 1: 
Tyler Parr would post a total score of 79 to become the Division 1 Champ at DeGray. 

In Division 2: 
LR Gardner would post a total score of 85 to become the Division 2 Champ at DeGray. 

In Division 3: 
Elisha Payne would post a total score of 81 to become the Division 2 Champ at DeGray. Preston Jones would post a total score of 96 to take second place and Keaton Brown would post a total score of 100 to take third place in Division 3. 

In Division 4: 
Things would get really hot for Division 4 players as the leaderboard would change many times before the final Division 4 player finished. David Eslinger and Jay Williams both where on pins and needled in the club house as we found ourselves in the first 3 way playoff of the 2023 season. Jay Williams, David Eslinger and Leisa Watkins would all post a total score of 90. These three players would face the par 4 #10 for a play off all stripping great drives down the middle of the fairway. Leisa hit her second shot OB and Jay and David both are laying just off the green, both looking at a 5 foot putt for par. David would just miss his put as Jay would sink his for the win. What a dramatic play off it was. 

Jon Nutt would finish in 4th place in Division 4 posting a total score of 91. 

In Division 5: 
Jim Haslauer would post a total score of 92 to secure his fist win on the Amateur Players Tour.  Richard McMahan would post a total score of 94 to take second place in Division 5. Thomas Bartole would post a total score of 98 to take home third place in Division 5. 

Senior Net: 
Jim Haslauer would find himself winning the Senior Net posting a net score of 75. It appeared that the golf gods shined down on Jim at DeGray winning 2 tournaments in one.  

Thank you all for coming out to the 2023 season kick off at Lake DeGray State Park. 

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DeGray Winners

Division 1 Champion

Tyler Parr


Division 2 Champion

LR Gardner


Division 3 Champion

Elisha Payne


Division 4 Champion

Jay Williams


Division 5 Champion

Jim Haslauer


Senior Net Champion

Jim Haslauer