Aug 21, 2022

Veenker Memorial Golf Club Results


On August 21st, 2022, the Iowa Tristate chapter held an event Veenker in Ames Iowa. The day started out cool with a nice little breeze. The course was still a bit wet from a rain the night before, but overall, the conditions were nice. 35 players came to take on the challenge of ISU’s home course. Today’s prize payouts for the tournament were $790.00. In the side games we were able to payout a total of $1260.00. Here are your division winners: 

Division 1 was a small field of 3 players. Brandon Estabrook took home the win with a total score of 75 for the day. Sam Goldstein came in second with a score of 81. With such a small field this division only paid out for first place. 

Division 2 had a field of 10 players today with Darryl Johnson taking home the win. Johnson shot a score of 77 putting him 2 strokes ahead. Second place came down to a score card playoff between Allen Moore and Dale Morrison. Moore and Morrison both shot a 79, but Moore won the score card playoff over Morrison. This division paid out first and second place. 

Division 3 had field of 9 players. Chad Beavers was the winner with a score of 87 giving him a one stroke lead. Second place for this division also came down to a score card play off between Paul Schmitz and Ryan Hohanshelt. Both players had a score of 88 but Hohanshelt won the playoff and gave him the second-place win over Schmitz. This division paid out first and second place. 

Division 4 also had a field of 9 players. Roger Bales took home first place shooting a 90. This gave Bales a one stroke lead over Terry Knake and Nick Miller. Knake and Miller both shot a 91 which led to another score card playoff. Knake won the score card play off awarding him the second-place win over Miller. This division paid out first and second place. 

Division 5 was another small field with 4 players. Jaimie Diunink took home the win with a score of 101. Putting him 2 strokes ahead of Bob Witt who shot a 103. This division only paid out first place.  

We would like to thank all our players for coming out today and showing their support. We would also like to thank the staff at Veenker for allowing us to play on their course and for all their hospitality today. It was a great course and a wonderful day for golf. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next event on August 28th at TCI in Polk City Iowa. Here is the schedule for our last two events: 

TCI in Polk City, Iowa on August 28th, 2022 

Amana Colonies in Amana Iowa on September 10th-11th, 2022 (local finals) 


Veenker Memorial Golf Club Winners

Division 1

Brandon Estabrook


Division 2 Champion

Darryl Johnson


Division 3 Champion

Chad Beavers


Division 4 Champion

Roger Bales


Division 5 Champion

Jayme Duinink