Jun 26, 2022

Thorntree Golf Club Tournament Results

run in the race for first place. 

Winner – Division 1: Clayton Smith (72) 

Guest, Clayton Smith came in first place shooting an even par, 72 and 7 strokes over our second-place winner, Andrew Morsinkhoff who had a 79. Kellen Mackey followed in third with an 81. 

Winner – Division 2: Ray Smith (75) 

In Division 2, Ray Smith shot 3 over par bringing in a 75 for first place. On his heels was Ryan Agnew with a 76 for second place with Raymond Dawson right behind them with a 78 for third place. Great scores for our division 2 guys and somewhat of a battle to claim the trophy! 

Winner – Division 3: Mark Anderson (81) 

In our division 3 group, Mark Anderson won first place by 5 strokes coming in with an 81. There was a tie for second place between Donnie Penney and Paul Turner with scores of 86. Donnie Penney won by way of a scorecard playoff with Paul Turner taking third. 

Winner – Division 4: Brian Downe (89) 

Brian Downe came in the clubhouse with an 89 claiming first place in a 3-stroke difference between second-place, Brian Hart scoring a 92. There was a tie for third place between Matthew Ticknor and Jimmie Paterson and in a scorecard playoff, Matthew Ticknor took third place with a 93.  

Winner – Division 5: JD Danilowicz (101) 

JD Danilowicz had a score of 101 for first place to win by two strokes over another tie for second. Brian Turner and Todd Robello both had a score of 103 but by way of a scorecard playoff, Brian Turner took second place and Todd Robello took third. 

Winner – Senior Net – Donnie Penney (-10)  

We had 18 players in the Senior Net today. Donnie Penney came in first place followed by Vincent Albano coming in second and Todd Robello took third. 

Our quickest finish was 4 Hrs. 35 Mins. and slowest was 5 Hrs. 13 Mins., sometimes public play does come into factor. All in all, these were good timing rounds!  

Congratulations to all of our winners!


Thorntree Winners

Division 1 Champion

Clayton Smith


Division 2 Champion

Ray Smith


Division 3 Champion

Mark Anderson


Division 4 Champion

Brian Downe


Division 5 Champion

John Danilowicz


Senior Net Champion

Donnie Penney