Sep 12, 2021

Texas State Championship Golf Tournament

Div 1: 1st place Andrew Gibson (Dallas-Ft Worth Tour) shot an 80 and 81 for a two day total of 161 to edge out fast charging 2nd place Kirk Hale 85, 77 = 162 by a shot. 

Div 2: 1st place Richard Michalsky (Houston Tour) scrambled both days to take home a win with a two day total of 158 over 2nd place tie between Steve Christensen and Jeff Keener with totals of 164. 4th place went to JD Price with a two day 166 total. 

Div 3: 1st place went to Bob Goodside (Houston Tour) never gave up his first day lead and won by 9 strokes with a two day total of 161. 2nd place went to Rod McCasland who leap frogged 3 other golfers the second day with a score of 80 for a two day total of 170. 3rd place tie went to Gene Chesson and Randy Sitz (173).  

Div 4: 1st place went to Pat Ryan (Houston Tour) who came from behind to claim the trophy for a two day total of 174. 2nd place went to Chase Burk with a total of 177. 3rd place tie went to Robert Scarpati and Brian Downe with a 178 two day total.  

Div 5: 1st place Juan Dorado (Dallas-Ft Worth Tour) never trailed and won by 10 strokes (181 total) over 2nd place Javier Quintero (191). 3rd place went to William (Todd) Nobles with a two day total of 192.  

Senior Net Div: Only one stroke over two days seperated each of the top five places. with 1st place going to Pat Ryan with a two day net total of 139. Bob Goodside took 2nd two day 140 net, followed by 3rd place Rod McCasland (141 net). 4th place went to Juan Dorado 142 net. 5th tie between David Davis and Brian Downe (143 net)


Ram Rock Winners

  Division 1 Champion

Andrew Gibson

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Division 2 Champion

Richard Michalsky

dallas texas amateur players tour golf event

Division 3 Champion

Bob Goodside

houston texas golf tournaments amateur players tour

Division 4 Champion

Senior Net Champion

Pat Ryan

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Division 5 Champion

Juan Dorado

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