Texas State Championship Golf Tournament Results

A very hot steamy weekend (96*) of golf in Round Rock, Texas, due to rain the day before. Most of the golfers played well in our 2nd annual Texas State Championship put on by both the Dallas-Ft Worth and Houston Tours.   

Div 1: 1st place Texas Shaped trophy went to Richard (James) Michalsky who took a 5-stroke lead into Sunday (who shot 74/80=154) and held on to win by one stroke over fast charging 2nd place Chris Hughes (who shot 79/76=155). 3rd place went to Tyler Dawson who scored a total of 79/81=160 over the two days.          

Div 2: 1st place trophy went to Robbie Guinn 78-76= 154 who edged out 2nd place Bob Goodside 78-79= 157. 3rd place went to Darien Duhon 78-80=158.    

Div 3: 1st place went to Robert Scarpati had a wire to wire to win with a 79 in the first round and an 83 in the second round for a two-day total of 162. 2nd place went to Jim Wagoner who shot 80-86=166 and edged out 3rd place Vince Callender 82-85=167 by one stroke.            

Div 4: 1st place Brian Downe came from four strokes back in the second round to take home the trophy by shooting 90-88=178. 2nd place went to Jimmie Paterson who shot 86-96=182. There was a 3rd place tie between Christopher Johnson and Shan Schaefer who each had a 184 two day score.    

Div 5:1st place went to John Sparks who walked away with this win by shooting a 93-89=182 total and 15 stroke win over 2nd place Michael Becker 101-96=197. 3rd place went to Eddie Haynes who shot 98-103=201      

Senior Net Division: The 1st place Texas shaped trophy went to Doug Peters who had a two day “net” total of -9. Donnie Penney came in 2nd place with a two-day -7 net score. 3rd place went to John Sparks with a -6 two-day net score. In 4th place was Bob Goodside with -5 net two-day score. 


Texas State Winners

Division 1 Champion

Richard Michalsky


Division 2 Champion

Robbie Guinn


Division 3 Champion

Robert Scarpati


Division 4 Champion

Brian Downe


Division 5 Champion

John Sparks


Senior Net Champion

Doug Peters