Jul 17, 2022

Stone Canyon Golf Club Tournament Results


Stone Canyon Golf Club is a public track, that you just have to play.  The course ratings don’t do it justice.  It just might have the hardest greens to putt on in Kansas City.  If anything, the heat has helped, as all courses have had to keep the greens a little longer than usual, making them not nearly as difficult as they normally are.  But, by looking at the scores, you can tell…this course does not play nice despite the near perfect course conditions. 

Division 1 started out looking like a runaway win for Kory Glasgow, as he was 3 under par through 5 holes.  But, a series of balls hit into the hazard netted 3 bogies on his way in at the turn, bringing Jacob Dittmer, JR Munson, and Tyler Hartsock right back in the mix.  The back 9 turned saucy, no one playing lights out, but no one blowing up on the difficult half coming home.  Kory Glasgow finished with a 3 over par 75, JR Munson was 4 over, and Jacob Dittmer had the chance to tie or better Kory coming in after him, but a bogey on the 18th sealed the deal for Kory to get yet another win this season. 

Division 2 was a good battle between Adam Augustine, Brian Taylor, and Tyler Reynolds.  Adam set the tone early, finishing in one of the first D2 groups out with a solid 6 over par 78 and setting the bar early in the clubhouse.  As he waited, Brian Taylor and Tyler Reynolds were both playing steady golf, keeping a small margin over Adam, but with some difficult holes left to play.  Tyler needed a bogie on the difficult 18th hole to tie Adam, and after a flared tee shot, he would have been happy with that result.  But, he decided sticking a 6 iron to 4ft from the rough was a better play, and sinking the birdie to shoot a 4 over par 76 even better.  Brian Taylor needed to par 18 to tie, but an untimely bogey left Tyler with the victory. 

Ryan Lawless finished early and had to run as he had two baseball games to get to this evening.  He didn’t think much about his 80 he just carded, but he forgot that 80 was carded at Stone Canyon…and Stone Canyon has some teeth.  No one was able to match him, and to his surprise, his 8 over par 80 gave him a 3 shot victory over Nathen Dawson, with Tim Shelp and Vito Pisciotta only one shot behind him. 

Like a lot of players, Darren Fichtner was not happy with his score when coming into the clubhouse.  But, yet again, Stone Canyon has teeth.  And it bit some players coming down the stretch.  Darren’s 15 over 87 would ultimately be enough for the win, but just barely, over Ben Reynoldson and Zach Terry who were only one shot behind. 

Branden Love comes in strong yet again.  He was able to give himself just enough of a cushion going into the difficult final 4 holes where he just needed to make his mistakes less than his competitors, and he did just that.  Branden finished with a 92, to Justin Bennett’s 97, taking a comfortable win in Division 5.  Branden joined us from another local tour about halfway through the season and has started to become a real threat in D5. 


Stone Canyon Winners

Division 1 Champion

Kory Glasgow


Division 2 Champion

Tyler Reynolds


Division 3 Champion

Ryan Lawless


Division 4 Champion

Darren Fichtner


Division 5 Champion

Branden Love