Running Deer Golf Club Tournament Results

As the 2022 season hits its mid-way point, the  Philly Metro Local Player of the Year contests heated up. It was a swirling, windy day adding a level of difficulty to the Running Deer multi-tiered, undulating greens.  

In Division 1, Dan Ayers and Chris Meares(78) continued their rivalry on a stretched out 6,800 track. Meares took control early with a solid 37 on the front nine to open a three shot lead. He got a little wobbly on the back nine but righted the ship to hold off Ayers(79) and take the win. 

It was a melee in Division 2 with the field taking turns throwing blows at each other. At the turn, 5 players were tied for the lead with three more only one shot back. On the back Gil Moniz(75) and David Ayers(75) took control. Moniz dropped a stellar even par 36 and Ayers a 37 ending in a tie and a playoff. On the first playoff hole both players hit it into the front bunker. Moniz stepped up to the deep bunker and thumped a gem of a shot to kick-in range. With the pressure ramped up, Ayers caught his ball clean, flying the green and Moniz silently started to put the check in his pocket...but Ayers kept to the task and he chipped in. Moniz tapped in and onto hole 2 they headed. Ayers rode the momentum of his game saving chip and buried a birdie for the win. 

Division 3 saw Dan Kessler(79) continue his steady, excellent play and notched his second win in a row making himself a player for LPOY. 

Players Larry Barber and John Eastlack were welcomed back to basecamp 4 after a brief ascent to D3. Oxygen restored, both players got to work. John Son and Dave Neder flashed over the first 12 holes but faded down the stretch allowing Eastlack(89) to backdoor second place. Barber put steady halves together to shoot 84 and take the title.  

Division 5 was headlined by previous multi-time winners Fred Hering and Jeff Brodsky but in the end, it would be their old friend Sean Matthews who owned the day with a solid round of 89 to take his first APT title of 2022. 


Running Deer Winners

Division 1 Champion

Chris Meares


Division 2 Champion

David Ayers


Division 3 Champion

Dan Kessler


Division 4 Champion

Larry Barber


Division 5 Champion

Sean Matthews