Nov 20, 2021

NC Fall Series at CC of Salisbury Results


On Saturday, a limited field of 51 players from 4 different Chapter came out on a chilly afternoon to take on a Donald Ross classic in Salisbury, NC.  Due to the limited daylight available we were limited to the 13 groups with Tee-times beginning at 10:30 a.m. and wrapping up around 12:20 p.m. With sunset at 5:00 p.m. we were a little concerned with getting everyone through, but thanks to all the players who did a remarkable job with Pace of Play, darkness was never an issue.  The last group played in under 4 hours and 30 minutes and as a result we were heading home and it was still bright enough to play. 

All Players competed in a Point Quota game where players earned points based on their score on each hole.  Their scores would be added up and compared to their Quota set based on their individual course handicap based on their Index and Tees that they played.  Riding around the course, players commented on how tough some of the pins were, so we expected scores to be higher than normal due to the temperatures and the difficulty of some of the pins. 

As it turned out, we were correct and as a result, no one in the field exceeded their quota. 

It was a tight race until the end as we intended to pay the top 8 players.  In the end due to ties, we paid out the top 10.  We had 4 players Tie for 7th place with a score of -4.  Wes Jones, Tom Cone, Geof Smith and Bobby Hutchison all received $41.25 in Visa Gift Cards.  3 players Tied for 4th at -3.  Ken Fishback, Russell McDonald and Daniel Jackson each earned $115.  At the top we had 3 players tie for the win with scores of 0 meaning they hit their quota on the number.  Gary Nivens, Jeff Helms and Roy Santonil all took home Visa Gift cards loaded up with $255. 

This puts the lid on the 2nd event of the NC Fall series with one event remaining in the Sanford area.  I leaderboard will be sent out as soon as points are updated so that we can make sure everyone knows where they stand coming into the last event.  The G-Tech handwarmers will be awarded at the conclusion of the event to the point leaders in this three-event mini-series. 

Ivan, J and I would like to thank all those players that came out to Salisbury today and we hope to see you in less than a couple of weeks at Carolina Trace.   


Phil V 


Salisbury Winners