May 29, 2021

Mount Vintage Golf Club Results


Mount Vintage Golf Club welcomed players to North Augusta, SC. Conditions were ideal for scoring as we enjoyed a warm day with a nice breeze. A big APT thank you to Mount Vintage and David Usry and his staff for hosting our tournament.

In Division 1 from Augusta, Marcus Maddox shot +3 (75) earning his third win this year. Congratulations Marcus!

In Division 2 from Grovetown Ryan Smith shot +4 (76) earning his second win of the year. Great playing Ryan! In his first tournament of the year Torian Walker from Graniteville took home second place with +6 (78).

In Division 3 from North Augusta Kyle Johnson shot a smooth +7 (79). This is Kyle’s first win of the 2021 season. Great playing Kyle! He edged out Glenn Sammons +13 (85) from Grovetown.

In Division 5 Russell Loyd Sr. from Appling shot a +23 (95) to pick up his second APT win. Coming in second place was William Hensley +26 (98) from Grovetown.

Skins 1/2: $50

$10ea - M. Maddox (3), R. Smith (2)

Skins 3/4/5:$70

$18ea - K. Johnson (3), J. Johnston

Super Skins: $180

$60 - M. Maddox (2), J. Johnston

50/50 Winner $48 – Craig Brown

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to all of our volunteers! Sign up for the next tournament today!

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Sierra Lakes Winners

Division 1

Marcus Maddox

Amateur Players Tour Augusta Chapter

Division 2 Champion

Ryan Smith

Amatuer Golf Tournament Augusta

Division 3 Champion

Kyle Johnson

Golf Tournament Augusta Amateur Players Tour

Division 5 Champion

Russell Loyd

Amateur Players Tour Golf Event