Dec 23, 2021

Introducing the APT – Rocky Mountain 2022 Season

The “off-season” won’t be long-lasting for the Rocky Mountain Chapter as we have already kicked off our points earning, trophy hoisting, and purse winning ways in Utah for the 2022 season.  As we get started, we wanted to share with you our approximate hour-long video series that introduces the season, covers rule and process changes and gets you ready for involvement as a member on the Amateur Players Tour.

Don’t worry, we aren’t making you suffer through an entire hour of content if you don’t want to, but instead have broken the videos in segments that you can pick and choose what interests you.  Please share with your friends we want to learn more about our chapter and what we have in store for you in 2022!

Video Series

  1. Welcome the 2022 Season!
  2. Announcing our 2022 Schedule
  3. Deposit & Balance Process
  4. The Rocky Mountain Pass
  5. The Early Opt-In Program
  6. Your APT National Membership
  7. Understanding the APT Tour Index
  8. Winter Southern Swing
  9. Communication
  10. Reading the TIPs
  11. Financial Matters
  12. How the 2022 Schedule Was Formed
  13. 2022 RMC Player of the Year
  14. 2022 RMC Tour Championship
  15. Spectators & Music
  16. Enhancing the Player Experience