Deep Springs Golf Tournament Results

Deep Springs CC staff was awesome!!! This course is an hidden gem just north of the triad and we will be excited to have on the schedule for future events!!!

In Division 1 Tim Washburn was able to secure his second victory of the year with a score of 76(+4).

In Division 2 Phil VanGeersdaelen secures his 6th win of the year with a score of 76(+4)!!!!The victory has Phil sitting a great position for National Player of the Year!! Congratulations on a great year!!!

In Division 3 we needed more than 18 holes to claim a champion. We had 2 players score 86(+14). John Jeyapaul and John Biggs. The winner was decided in the first playoff hole. John Biggs was victorious!!!

In Division 4 Derek Marley posted a score early in hopes that his competitors would not be able to stand. Marley 87(+15) was good enough to claim his first victory of the year at Deep Springs CC congratulations!!!

In Division 5 Keith Gibson out of Charlotte,NC was able to win convincingly with a score of 96(+24). The late season victory has Gibson in position with local finals around the corner..

Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

UP Next:

9/18/21-Sapona Ridge CC


Deep Springs Winners

Division 1 Champion

Tim Washburn

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Division 2 Champion

Phil VanGeersdaelen

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Division 3 Champion

John Biggs

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Division 4 Champion

Derek Marley

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Division 5 Champion

Keith Gibson

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