Jun 27, 2021

Busy Bee Bakery Open @ Stonehaven Results

Division 1: 18 holes could not give us a winner on Sunday at Glade Springs Resort on the Stonehaven course. With sunlight fading, Jerod Ewing and Robert Waker returned to 18 for a playoff. Ewing pushed his tee shot right into the high grass by the cart path, while Waker found the center of the fairway. After searching for his ball, Ewing was able to get from the high grass onto the green, giving himself a look at birdie. Back in the fairway, Waker was unable to reach the green on his 2nd shot, finally getting there in 3. When everything was said and done, Ewing took the playoff hole over Waker giving Jerod his 4th win in West Virginia, 5th overall of the season. 

Division 2: Dexter Moore’s dominance continues in Division 2 as he goes back to back on tour with another victory. After a disastrous front 9, Dexter capitalized on the easy par 5 10th with Birdie, on his way to a -1 under score on the back 9 leading to a 3 shot victory over visiting Kentucky tour player Travis Souders. Brandon Thompson, Garrett Kiser, and Karen Rainey all came home tied for 3rd. Dexter could be heading to Division 1 soon to give Jerod Ewing and Robert Waker some more competition. *Division 2 player Karen Rainey won the Ladies Net event over visiting Kentucky tour member Mendy Bays by 1. 

Division 3: Andrew Li had only played in 1 event this season. Andrew won that event. Andrew has now played in 2 events this season. Andrew wins this one as well! Andrew takes his 2nd victory of the season by 2 shots over visiting Kentucky tour player Chuck Bays by 2 shots, preventing Chuck from winning his second WV event of the season. Andrew came in as the clubhouse leader and was able to hold on to secure another victory and good points day in D3. Could Andrew be about to head to Division 2 and take his winning ways to do battle with Dexter, Brandon Thompson, Garrett and the rest of D2? 

Division 4: After 3 consecutive events of Justin Keaton winning, D4 in WV has a new winner taking home the trophy from Stonehaven at Glade Springs Resort! Dave Shepperd played consistent all day and put together a complete round of golf to take home the hardware over points leader Justin Keaton by 1 shot, and 2 over 3rd place finishing Joey Fyall. Dave has played consistent all season and was finally able to breakthrough for his 1st win of the season. With this win, Dave could possibly take over 2nd place in the points standings from Joey as they try and chase down points leader Justin Keaton as the season progresses. 

Division 5: So far in West Virginia this year, there has been a trend of Kentucky tour members crossing into the Mountain State and going back home to the Bluegrass State with the trophy. Now technically, a Kentucky tour member did win D5 at Stonehaven; BUT…the winner lives in West Virginia, so I’m declaring that the trend is broken! Lisa Moore puts together a tremendous round of golf on a difficult course to take out points leader Marshall Kiser by 1 shot. Marshall was seeking his 4th straight win, but was denied the hardware by visiting KY member Lisa. Kevin Long and visiting KY member Mendy Bays tied for 3rd. *Marshall Kiser continued his dominance in the senior net division with another victory, this time over Chuck Bays. 


Stonehaven Winners

Division 1 Champion

Jerod Ewing

Amateur Players Tour West Virginia Golf Event

Division 2 Champion

Dexter Moore

Golf Tournament West Virginia Amateur Player

Division 3 Champion

Andrew Li

Amateur Golf Tournament Winner West Virginia

Division 4 Champion

Dave Shepperd

Golf Week Tournament Winner West Virginia

Division 5 Champion

Lisa Moore

Women in golf tournament Winner West Virginia