Sep 10, 2022

Augusta Local Finals at Bartram Trail Results


Augusta APT Members and guests endured the inclement weather as Bartram Trail hosted our 2022 Local Finals. Players were concerned about the weather as the forecast called for 80% precipitation. Fortunately, we were able to get the round in with only light sprinkles. There was plenty of action as players were not only competing for the tournament, but also 2022 Player of the Year honors.  

Division 1 Taylor Gove 69 (-3) picks up his second win of the year edging out chapter owner Marcus Maddox 72 (E) by three shots. Taylor had a scoring average of 71.5 on tour this year. Great playing this year Taylor!   

Division 2 Jeremy Key 75 (+3) edged out William Boyd 76 (+4) by one shot. This was Jeremy’s fourth win of the year. What a great season Jeremy! 

Division 3 Robert Robinson 72 (E) caught fire on the back nine posting a 32. Jeffrey Johnston 77 (+5) and Jason Page 77 (+5) came in second place. Great win Robert!  

Division 4 Brandon Prothman 81 (+9) gets his first win of the season at our final event of the season. Michael Cioffi 83 (+11) was a couple of shots shy. Great playing Brandon!  

Division 5 Blake Fulmer 89 (+17) powers through a knee injury to win by two shots over Mark Maddox 91 (+19) and Jacob Kizer 91 (+19). Great win Blake!  


Augusta Player of The Year  

Division 1: Eric Goodell  

Division 2: Jeremy Key  

Division 3: Robert Robinson  

Division 4: Michael Cioffi  

Division 5: Don Varble     

Flight Skins 1/2: $50 - $7ea – T. Gove (3), E. Goodell (2), M. Maddox (2), J. Key 

Flight Skins 3: $60 - $15ea – J. Johnston (2), J. Page, R. Robinson 

Flight Skins 4: $60 - $6ea – J. Whitman (2), A. Reynolds (2), M. Cioffi (2) S. Mendez (2), T. Fridie (2)  

Super Skins: $50 - $9ea- B. Fulmer (3), J. Hardaway (2), J. Kizer 

Super Skins: $420 : $60ea – T. Gove (3), E. Goodell (2), J. Page, T. Fridie 

50/50 Winner $200 – Wes Pender 

A big APT thank you to Jason Page, Bill Fumai, Doug Cameron and all the staff for hosting our tournament! Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to all of our volunteers! 

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Bartram Trail Winners

Division 1 Champion

Taylor Gove


Division 2 Champion

Jeremy Key


Division 3 Champion

Robert Robinson


Division 4 Champion

Brandon Prothman


Division 5 Champion

Blake Fulmer


Division 1
Player of the Year

Eric Goodell


Division 2
Player of the Year

Jeremy Key


Division 1
Player of the Year

Robert Robinson


Division 4
Player of the Year

Michael Cioffi


Division 5
Player of the Year

Don Varble