Mar 20, 2022

Audubon Golf Tournament Results


124 golfers helped start the regular season tour for the Kentucky Chapter of the Amateur Players Tour. 

In D1 Tony Wise carded a 2 under 70 to edge Adam Wilkinson and Blake Claycomb by one shot. 

In D2 Todd Hall shot a 2 over 73 to edge Taylor Fry by 3 shots and Jesse Hunt by 4. 

D3 came down to a 3 way play off with Evan King prevailing over Wayne Roberts and JR Claycomb on the third playoffs hole. 

Mark Wright took home the win with an 81 in D4 and Sr D4. Michael Heitz took second in D4 with 82 followed by Darrell Fraley at 86. 

James Enriquez  topped Kevin Curry  by 2 shot with a 90 to win D5 followed by Kenny Kidd at 95 

Doug Small won SR D2 with 77 

Gary Barrow won SR D3 with 81 

Jeff Korfhage won SR D5 with 91 


Audubon Winners

Division 1 Champion

Tony Wise

amateur players tour golf tournament kentucky

Division 2 Champion

Todd Hall

golf tournament kentucky

Division 3 Champion

Evan King

midwest amateur players golf

Division 4 Champion

Mark Wright

golf events in kentucky

Division 5 Champion

James Enrique

golf in kentucky for amateurs

Senior Division 2 Champion

Doug Small


Senior Division 3 Champion

Gary Barrow

golf events in kentucky for seniors

Senior Division 4 Champion

Mark Wright

golf events in kentucky

Senior Division 5 Champion

Jeff Korfhage

senior golf tournaments