Jul 9, 2022

Apple Valley Golf Club Tournament Results

At Apple Valley Golf Club we had 32 golfers come to play in our 11th event of the year.  The weather was fantastic and so were the scores.  Once again, we saw the top 4 Divisions won with scores in the 70’s and all but 1 division saw a first-time winner.     

In Division 1 Zach Gentile came out very steady with birdies on both par 5s on the front and steadied a double on 7 with pars on the difficult 8 and 9 to shoot 37 on the front.  Then played the next 8 holes even with 1 birdie and 1 bogey.  After a closing bogey on 18 Zach posted 74 for a two-shot victory.  Bobby Booth from Pennsylvania kept it close and made Zach wait on 18 with a chance to hole out for a playoff but ultimately settled for par and 76 for 2nd. 

In Division 2 Anna Crumrine was having a birdie fest on the front nine posting 3 birdies on 3,4 and 7 to go along with 3 bogeys and an even par 36 on the front.  Anna would then birdie 11 and come home with 3 bogeys to post 74 and a three-shot victory.  This was Anna’s 2nd victory and her first in Division 2.  Stephen Phillips also came out strong with birdies on both par 5s on the front that led to a front nine 37.  Stephen would cool off a little on the back and shoot 40 for 77 and 2nd.  Michael Bruesch in his first tournament in Division 2 shot 81 for 3rd place. 

In Division 3 Michael Tepe came out on fire with 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on the front to shoot an even par 36.  After a birdie on 11 Michael had a very large lead and would coast in with 4 bogeys to shoot 39 on the back for 75 and a seven-shot victory.  The rest of Division 3 were all very close as Srikanth Vadlamudi would shoot 40,42 for 82 and 2nd place.  Chris Bailey would shoot 44,40 for 84 and 3rd place.   

In Division 4 Luke Hurlburt who has been around the lead in every tournament he has played so far finally broke through with his first victory.  Luke started strong with a 39 on the front and after he stumbled a little 10 and 11 Luke would play the last 8 holes even par with a bogey and birdie to shoot 40 and 79 for a two-shot victory.  Rick Gordon who was applying pressure to Luke most of the day also shot 39 on the front and then 42 for 81 and 2nd.  Bruce Shively visiting from Myrtle Beach, SC shot 42,45 for 87 and 3rd place. 

In Division 5 18 holes was not enough to find a winner.  Both Dalton Devine and Brandon Turner shot 87 for 18 holes and then went to a playoff.  After both made impressive pars on the first hole, they would both make bogeys on the difficult 2nd to keep the playoff alive.  After a drive went wayward on the 3rd for Brandon, Dalton played steady and made a par for his first victory in the Amateur Players Tour.  Travis Shively visiting from Myrtle Beach, SC just missed the playoff with 88 and 3rd. 

In the Senior Net optional side game Michael Tepe posted a net 69 for a two-shot victory.  Rick Gordon had a net 71 for 2nd.  Tim Houston shot a net 72 for 3rd. 

Closest to the Pins went to Mitch Van Hoose #5, Brandon Turner #7, and Zach Gentile took #13 and #16. 


Apple Valley Winners

Division 1 Champion

Zach Gentile


Division 2 Champion

Anna Crumrine


Division 3 Champion

Michael Tepe


Division 4 Champion

Luke Hurlburt


Division 5 Champion

Dalton Devine