Jul 16, 2022

Annbriar Golf Course Senior Golf Tournament Results


Last week, the Amateur Players Tour competed at Annbriar Golf Course in Waterloo, Il. For 29 years, Annbriar Golf Course has welcomed golfers to a hidden gem located in a small town just outside of St. Louis. Opened in 1993, Annbriar has become known as the hometown destination for golfers of all skill levels.  

In Division 1, it came down to a playoff between Kevin Erxleben and Steve Hasenfratz. On the third playoff hole, Erxleben was able to edge out Hasenfratz for his 11th win on tour. Trailing behind Erxleben and Hasenfratz was Joseph Finn shooting six over-par to take home third place in his strongest finish of the year. 

Division 1 Results: 

  1. Kevin Erxleben: +3 – 75 (Playoff) 
  1. Steve Hasenfratz: +3 – 75 (Playoff) 
  1. Joseph Finn: +6  78 

In Division 2, Kent Van Cleve had a tremendous day. Kent had 5 birdies to shoot 72 even par, to take home the victory. Coming in 3 shots behind him was Billy Davis of Cedar Hill, Mo and David Adams of Fenton, Mo shooting 3 over-par 75 on the day. 

Division 2 Results: 

  1. Kent Van Cleve: E – 72
    T2. Billy Davis: +3 – 75
    T2. David Adams: +3 – 75 

 In Division 3, Gary Hutchcraft came out and shot his best round of the year shooting two over-par 74 with four birdies to chalk up his 3rd first place finish of the 2022 season. Chris Price finished behind Hutchcraft shooting eight over-par 80 for his best finish of the season. Michael Konuch of Maryville, Il and Simay Souvannarath of Imperial, Mo tied for third shooting ten over-par 82 on the day.  

 Division 3 Results: 

  1. Gary Hutchcraft: +2 – 74 
  1. Chris Price: +8 – 80
    T3. Michael Konuch: +10 – 82
    T3. Simay Souvannarath: +10 – 82 

In Division 4, we had a tight race, and it all came down to the 18th hole. Michael Scoles came out victorious shooting eleven over-par 83. Tying for second was Mike Scalera, Steve minder, Rick Johnson and Les Mays all shooting 13 over-par 85.  

Division 4 Results: 

  1. Michael Scoles: +11 – 83
    T2. Mike Scalera: +13 – 85
    T2. Steve Minder: +13 – 85
    T2. Rick Johnson: +13 - 85 

 In Division 5, Tony Brose chalked up his first win of the 2022 season shooting seventeen over-par 89. While Albert Orelt and Byron Whitlock tied for second shooting twenty-one over-par 93. 

Division 5 Results:  

  1. Tony Brose: +17 – 89
    T2. Albert Orelt: +21 – 93
    T2. Byron Whitlock: +21 - 93  

Next up on the Amateur Players Tour St. Louis Sr. Schedule, Gateway National in Madison Illinois. 

Annbriar Golf Course by the Numbers:   
# of Players – 51 
Total Prize Pool Paid Out - $1,020 
Total Skins Paid - $1,164 


Annbriar Winners

Sr. Division 1 Champion

Kevin Erxleben


Sr. Division 2 Champion

Kent Van Cleve


Sr. Division 3 Champion

Gary Hutchcraft


Sr. Division 4 Champion

Michael Scoles


Sr. Division 5 Champion

Tony Brose