May 13, 2024

2024 Echo Lake Golf Tournament Results


Tournament Champions

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Division 1 Champion

Dan Ayars

Division 2 Champion

Bob wallerius

Division 3 Champion

Cassidy Salvador

Division 4 Champion

Andy Repetto

Division 5 Champion

Illyas Sarwari

Open Net Champion

Ryan Whooley

Senior Net Champion

Steve Winnick

    The New Jersey/Philadelphia chapter soared to new heights with its inaugural elevated event, hosting its fourth thrilling tournament at Echo Lake Country Club in Westfield, New Jersey. Anticipation ran high for a beautiful, sun-kissed day, but the sun decided to play hide-and-seek until just an hour remained in the round. Undeterred, 80 eager players took to the course, enticed by the allure of wide-open fairways and a prize pool exceeding a whopping $6,000. However, any notions of an easy ride were swiftly dispelled once players faced the challenge of those deceptive greens. The atmosphere quickly shifted from casual optimism to fierce determination as competitors realized the true test that lay ahead. 

    In Division 1, The battle for the top spot in Division 1 unfolded rapidly, as Adam Fuchs kicked off with an impressive trio of pars, while Dan Ayars mixed it up with a par, par, bogey, par, par start. Neck and neck, both players hit the turn with a score of 39. The tension escalated as they remained separated by just one stroke after 14 holes. However, it was Dan’s remarkable two birdies on the back nine that ultimately tipped the scales, securing his victory with a +7 (78) over Adam’s +9 (80). It was a nail-biting race, but Dan’s stellar performance clinched the coveted first place title. 

    In Division 2, Despite the shotgun start and players teeing off from various holes, the competition remained neck and neck as they completed the front nine. Rich Mariner led the pack with an impressive +3 (38), closely followed by Ryan Whooley and James Miller at +4 (39), while Rocky Dare and Bob Wallerius trailed closely behind at +5 (40). Unfortunately, James struggled in the back nine, slipping out of contention with a 43 and a total score of 82. Rocky’s slightly improved performance wasn’t enough to crack the top three, finishing with a commendable +8 (79). The real showdown ensued between Rich, Ryan, and Bob. Rich maintained his lead with a solid +3 on the back nine, concluding with a +6 (77) and feeling confident in his shot at the trophy. However, Ryan surged ahead with two impressive birdies on the back, matching Rich’s score of +6 (77) and intensifying the competition. As Bob teed off on his final hole, the tension peaked with a three-way tie for first place. But nerves of steel propelled Bob to victory as he birdied his last hole, #4, clinching his first Amateur Players Tour tournament win with a remarkable +5 (76). Rich and Ryan, despite their valiant efforts, found themselves tied for second as Bob seized the glory. 

    In Division 3, As the round drew to a close, a mere 6 strokes separated the first-place finisher from the fifth-place contender. Steve Winnick set the pace with an impressive front nine, boasting one birdie and one bogey to remain even and establish a solid lead. However, it was Steve’s back nine performance that proved challenging, tallying a +9 for an overall score of 80

    Jeff Grubb and Rich Stack mounted courageous efforts to chase down the leader, both carding +11 (82) and remaining firmly in the mix alongside Kevin Martyn, Nick Amabile, and Hunter Davidson, all with a score of +13 (84). But it was Cassidy Salvador who emerged victorious, delivering a stellar performance with 10 pars and 2 birdies, securing a final score of +7 (78) to claim the top spot and seize the championship hardware. 

    In Division 4, What an intense showdown it was, with just a hair’s breadth of 2 strokes separating the top contender from the fourth-place finisher. Dona, Wallerius, Russell Davidson, John Sans, and Michael Lombardo all found themselves tied at +18 (89), locked in a fierce battle. Meanwhile, Mathew Percia was hot on their heels, gunning for that coveted first place spot, ultimately securing third with a score of +17 (88). But the drama didn’t end there. David Neder and Andy Repetto refused to yield after 18 grueling holes, both carding a +16 (87) and forcing the competition into a thrilling playoff. With hearts pounding and nerves on edge, David teed off first, followed closely by Andy. The tension reached its peak as both players managed to secure bogeys on the first playoff hole. It all came down to the wire on the second playoff hole, where under the immense pressure, David faltered with another bogey, while Andy held his nerve to sink a par and clinch the title of D4 Challenge at the Lake Champion in a breathtaking finish. 

    In Division 5, In an electrifying showdown, Illyas Sarwari and Christopher Cammarata went head-to-head, separated by just one stroke after the front nine. However, Illyas’s remarkable performance, highlighted by a stunning streak of 4 pars on the back nine, propelled him to victory as he clinched the title of D5 champion with a final score of +19 (90). Christopher followed closely behind with a respectable +21 (92). Meanwhile, the battle for the third spot raged on between Paul Taylor and William Reilly, both tied at +26 (97), each determined to secure a podium finish in the fiercely contested competition. 

    In Open Net, Ryan Whooley took the trophy with a score of Net -2, and Jeff Grubb, and Anthony Venture both  came in second with a score of Net +3.  

    In Senior Net, It was Steve Winnick who took the trophy with an impressive Net -1. Closely behind him, was Kurt Bonewitz who was Net Even, and a two-way tie for 3rd were Bob Wallerius and Kevin Martyn both Net +1.  

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