Mar 5, 2023

2023 Monterey Pacific Classic Tournament Results


In Division 1, Adam Sides (Southern California) jumped off to an early lead, firing a first round 79 to take a two-shot lead over Matt Minder in incredibly tough conditions. Christian Nicolini (Southern California) came out hot on Sunday, firing the low-round of 68 to move from 5th to tie for 1st with Brian Walker, to force a sudden death play-off. Nicolini prevailed over Walker on the second play off hole with a par.

Division 1
1st - Christian Nicolini: +11
2nd – Brian Walker: +11
3rd – Matt Minder: +15
4th – Adam Sides: +18

In Division 2, Phoenix’s Marcus Wirth and Kansas City’s Cliff Austin jumped out to an early one-shot lead over Joe Arnold (New York) with a great first round of 86 on a difficult golf course. Tyler Moore (Utah) and Uthira Ganaprakasam (Northern California) trailed by 3 and 5 heading into the final round. It was a tight race all day Sunday. Marcus Wirth was able to hold on to the lead to secure the 2 Day Major victory. Tyler Moore Made up some ground and tied Joe Arnold for 2nd place shooting 171 for the tournament. While Cliff Austin (Kansas City) tied with Ganaprakasam for 4th.

Division 2
1st – Marcus Wirth: +26
2nd – Tyler Moore: +27
2nd – Joe Arnold: +27
4th – Uthira Ganaprakasam: +28
4th – Cliff Austin: +28

In Division 2 Senior, Joe Arnold was able to take home a second National Major win back to his home state of New York. Uthira Ganaprakasam came in second just one shot behind Arnold. Paul Luker (Memphis) was able to make up some significant ground shooting 9 over-par to end up in 3rd place for the senior competition.

Division 2 Senior
1st – Joe Arnold: +27
2nd – Uthria Ganaprakasam: +28
3rd – Paul Luker: +32

In Division 3, Utah’s Shawn Larsen was able to hold on to his Saturday four-shot lead to secure him his first National Major Victory. Simay Souvannarath (St. Louis) was able to hold on to hear round 1 lead earning her the second place Finish. Rob Steves (Northern California) and Jerry Drewry (Nashville) would each finish with two-day totals of 179.

Division 3
1st – Shawn Larsen: +27
2nd – Simay Souvannarath: +31
3rd – Rob Steves: +35
3rd – Jerry Drewry: +35

Division 3 Senior, Simay Souvannarath (St. Louis) was able to take home her first National Major victory shooting 175 for the tournament. Rob Steves (Northern California) and Jerry Drewry (Nashville) battled it out all weekend long to end up in a tie for second shooting 179 for the two-day Major.

Division 3 Senior
1st – Simay Souvannarath: +31
2nd – Rob Steves: +35
2nd – Jerry Drewry: +35

In Division 4, Justin Bennett ended the day on Saturday in first place five shots ahead of Dave Davidson (Southern California) and Steven Ayala (Southern California).  Could Bennett hold on to that Saturday lead? He did. Sunday Bennett came out strong shooting 90 for a total score of 180, earning his first major win on the Amateur Players Tour.  2nd place honors would belong to Southern California’s Dave Davidson, whose solid weekend had him finish with a 2-day total of 186.  3rd place belonged to Rohit Desai after shooting a very strong 92 on Sunday. 

Division 4
1st – Justin Bennett: +18
2nd – Dave Davidson: +19
3rd – Rohit Desai: +20

Division 4 Senior, Dave Davidson might have come up just short in the open competition, but he was able to take the trophy back home to Southern California with his two-day total of 186 in the senior competition. Rohit Desai fell just 7 shots behind Davidson to earn a second-place finish ad Jeff Marshall of New York came in just two strokes behind Desai.

Division 4 Senior
1st – Dave Davidson: +42
2nd – Rohit Desai: +49
3rd – Jeff Marshall: +51

In Division 5, we had a great battle all weekend long against Robert Rosenbaum (Iowa), California native John Spradling, and Douglas Luccio (Virginia Capital). Rosenbaum was able to pull off the 2-day National Major victory in the open division and senior division shooting a total of 199. Spradling finished strong with second place honors shooting a two-day total of 205.

Division 5
1st – Robert Rosenbaum: +55
2nd – John Spradling: +61


Monterey Winners

Division 1 Champion

Christian Nicolini


Division 2 Champion

Marcus Wirth


Division 3 Champion

Shawn Larsen


Division 4 Champion

Justin Bennett


Division 5 Champion

Robert Rosenbaum


Senior Division 2 Champion

Joe Arnold


Senior Division 3 Champion

Simay Souvannarath


Senior Division 4 Champion

Dave Davidson


Senior Division 5 Champion

Robert Rosenbaum