Mar 4, 2023

2023 Meadowlands Golf Club Tournament Results

There were 62 players that arrived at Meadowlands Golf Club. The weather conditions were very tough with winds gusting at 30 mph. 

In Division 1 it was the battle of the Tim’s coming down the stretch. Tim Barto of Huntersville, NC and Tim Washburn of Raliegh, NC. Washburn made the turn up 4 shots after a front score of 31(-5). Barto stay close enough on the back nine to pull the victory out by 1. Barto-(73) and Washburn-(74). Senior winner Eli Villanueva 

In Division 2 competition went back and forth for about 15 holes until there was one player that put a gap between him and the remaining players in the field. Cj Beatty shot a (77) to win by 3 shots over Scott Nichols (80) of Mooresville, NC. Rounding out the top 3 was Juan Echeverri (82). Senior Winner Terry Newsome 

In Division 3 the leaderboard seen 4 different leaders on the back nine. Some of the players that emerged up top were from the Winston Salem area and use the course knowledge to their advantage. The end result was Jason Smith (85) was good enough to win by 3 shots over Tink Brown (88). Rounding out the top 3 was Willis Booth (89). Senior winner Nimish Patel. 

In Division 4 the winner seemed to be evident in the first 9 holes with Eric Seibert (39) front nine. As well all know there is tale of two sides and that back nine played much differently and some late struggles allowed other players back in contention. However, in the end Seibert (90) was able emerge victorious by 1 shot over Joey Fyall II (91) of WV chapter. Senior winner David Rosier 

In Division 5 was our most dominant performance of the day. Billy Jones of Archdale, NC was able to win the open and the Senior Division. Jones won the open division by 3 shots and the senior division by 8 shots. Jones had his home course up next on our schedule and truly excited about it.  

 We look forward to seeing you at Bear's Best and our next tournament at Colonial Country Club at April 1st! Sign up here!


Meadowlands Winners

Division 1 Champion

Tim Barto


Division 2 Champion

CJ Beatty


Division 3 Champion

Jason Smith


Division 4 Champion

Eric Seibert


Division 5 Champion

Billy Jones