Feb 25, 2023

2023 Lancaster Golf Club Tournament Results


The 2023 Calendar Season is in full swing as we travelled to Lancaster, SC for the second event of the Charlotte calendar year. With 97 Players from 10 different Chapters being represented on this Saturday afternoon.  After having record breaking high temperatures late in the week, mother nature fought back on Saturday dropping the temps to the low 50’s with a bit of misty rain thrown in mess with the players.  All in all, it was a great turnout with only 1 no-show.  The course was very happy with our turn out due to the weather conditions.  This just shows how resilient our players are and the fact they want to compete each week out. 

In Division 1 we had 18 players start on this day.  2 players, Ivan Jones (TRIAD) and Daniel Jackson (CLT) were out in the first group, and both posted rounds of 72.  They had to wait around for a bit to see if anyone would beat their scores and in the last group of players in division 1, Tim Barto (CLT) also matched their total setting up a 3-way tie and the first on-course playoff for the day.  After all players made par on the first hole, they proceeded to the second hole here Ivan and Daniel made birdies and eliminated Tim.  After par’s on 3 and 4, it was finally decided on playoff hole 5 when Daniel made his second birdie of the playoff to claim the victory.  Ivan and Tim share second and 3rd place honors. 

The Senior Competition in Division 1 paid the top spot with Randy Hodges (CLT) taking home 1st place honors. 

Congrats Daniel and Randy!! 

In Division 2, We had 20 players, so we paid out 4 places.  In First place making a successful return to the tour was Chase Brown (CLT) who shot 77 (+5) on this afternoon.  3 players tied for 2nd so they ended up splitting 2nd, 3rd and 4th place prizes with each player winning $100 in Visa Gift Cards or Tour Credit.  William Werner (CLT) who had a disastrous hole last week that took him out of contention, got off to a rough start, but shot even par on the back nine to get into the tie.  Tim Beckham (CLT) making his debut and Travis Wartluft all tied with scores of 80 (+8) 

On the Senior Side of things, Travis and Tim shared the top spot and split those winnings as well. 

Congrats Chase, Travis and Tim!!! 

In Division 3 we had 25 players battle it out which means we paid out the top 5.  Two weeks ago, Freddie Coffey (UPS) came up a little short, but not this week.  Freddie shot a round of 82 (+10) to claim the victory.  Joseph Jones (CLT) claimed solo second with an 84 (+12) and then we had 3 players tie for 3rd.  These players split the 3rd, 4th and 5th place prizes.  Kirk Tatge (CLT), Joe Perkins (CLT) and Crys Peyton (Char/Col) all shot 87 (+15). 

On the Senior side we had 7 players competing.  Freddie did the double dip and claimed first in this competition with Kirk Tatge claiming second. 

Congrats Freddie on your double Dip!!! 

In Division 4, 20 players battled it meaning we would pay the top 4 finishers.  18 holes were not enough to crown the victor as both Jason Crook (CLT) and Myron Samuels (CLT) tied at 88 (+16) and had to go back to #1 to break the tie.  As it was starting to get dark, I told the players to make it quick and end it on #1 and that’s what they did.  Jason with a par on #1, claimed the victory in the playoff with Myron settling for 2nd place.  In 3rd place we had another tie with Dan Rossi (CLT) and Jeff Orr (CLT) both shooting 89 (+17) and just missing the playoff themselves.  Dan and Jeff will split the 3rd and 4th place earnings. 

In the Senior D4 competition, Myron takes home first place and Jerry York claims second. 

Congrats Jason and Myron on your victories today!! 

In Division 5 it was a battle between 2 players all day.  They finished 1-2 at Edgewater 2 weeks ago and only this time the results were reversed.  Nils De La Cruz (CLT) shot an impressive round of 84 (+12) and only won by 2 shots over Rodney Ferrell (UPS) who also shot a very impressive round of 86 (+14).  After the round was posted, Nils was informed that based on his current play he would be promoted to Division 4 for his next tournament.  Nils just started playing the game a few years ago and is working hard on getting better.  I expect that based on his work ethic; he may be moving up further if he continues to improve.  John Greider Sr. (MYR) Took home 3rd place with a score of 93 (+21) 

One the senior Side, it was Steve Smith from our Cincinnati/Dayton chapter that came in and won the Senior Division 5 competition with a score of 94 (+22). 

Congrats Nils and Steve on your victories!!! 



50/50 Raffle to benefit Fold of Honor 

Thanks to all players who purchased their 50/50 tickets to support our Charity of Choice, Fold of Honor. 

We sold $555 worth of tickets meaning that our winner received $280 in cash before their round even started.  The winner of the draw today was Chase Brown from the Charlotte Chapter. 

The second draw was for a new pair of SKONI golf shoes (www.skoni.com) .  The winner of the Shoes was Lee Touchton from the Charlotte Chapter.  Steve will be able to pick the color and size and have these shoes delivered directly to him.  

This brings our total donations up to $500 for the calendar year. 

Our next event is less than 2 weeks away at Cheraw State Park, in Cheraw, SC.  We have sold out our first 2 events and the momentum continues to build.  So please register early and avoid getting shut out. 


Phil VanGeersdaelen 

Charlotte Chapter Owner 

Amateur Players Tour  


Lancaster Winners

Division 1 Champion

Daniel Jackson


Division 2 Champion

Chase Brown


Division 3 Champion

Freddie Coffey


Division 4 Champion

Jason Crook


Division 5 Champion

Neal De La Cruz