Nov 26, 2022

2022 Red Bridge Golf Tournament Results


The 2023 Charlotte Local Season kicked off in Locust, NC with 57 Players from 5 different Chapters.  Players experienced a beautiful fall afternoon with temps rising to the lower 60’s.  Red Bridge is a tough task with players needing to control their tee shot to give them the best opportunity to score.

In Division 1 we had 12 players compete on this day.  Kyle Moffett (Carolina Triad) was clearly the best on the day shooting a great round of 73 (+1).  Second place came down to the final holes with Ben Cox (Charlotte) shooting 76 (+4)

In the Senior Competition, Ben took 1st place.

Congrats Kyle and Ben!! 

In Division 2, we had 11 players battle it out.  In the end it really came down to 2 players.  Jason Breedlove 78 (+6) won a close battle over Judd Dye 79 (+7).

In the Senior Competition, Scott Dixon took 1st place.

Congrats Jason and Scott!!! 

In Division 3 we had 19 players battle it out.  This was a close throughout the day.  In the end it was Joe Cannatti (Charlotte) taking first place with 81 (+9).  Andre Banks (Charlotte) was second with a 82 (+10), Third place was Bernie Loehr (Charlotte) with an 83 (+11) and in 4th we had a tie with 3 players shooting 86 (+14).  Sean May (Charlotte), James Ipock (Charlotte) and Richard Massey split the 4th place prize.

In the Senior Competition, Joe Cannatti takes 1st and Bernie took home 2nd place awards.

Congrats Joe on your Double Dip wins!!! 

In Division 4, Reigning Local Player of the Year got off to a great start…sort of.  Eric Seibert, after pulling his first tee shot of the season into the woods and taking a triple bogie on the first hole.  He slowly recovered and settled into a groove and shot 86 (+14) to claim a 1 shot victory over a pair of players.  Lee Touchton and Mike Fitzgerald both shot 87 (+15) to share second place in the open competition.

In the Senior Competition, Lee and Mike shared the 1st place honors.

Congrats Eric, Lee and Mike!!! 

In Division 5 Patricio Lopez (Charlotte) claims his first victory on the season with a great round of 87 (+15).  In Second, Rivia Brown (Carolina Triad) and Steve Daniels (Charlotte) tied in second both shooting 88 (+16)

In the Senior Competition, Patricio claims the Senior 1st place as well.

Congrats Patricio on your Double Dip wins!!! 


NEW FOR 2022 

The first ever Fold of Honor Net competition is a new competition for all players that wish to complete.  Players receive 80% of their respective course handicap.  Each entry includes a $5 donation to Folds of Honor.  In this first event, we had 27 players for a total of $135 being collected for Folds of Honor.

When all scorecards were entered, we have the following results.

1st Place – Patricio Lopez (Charlotte Div 5) -3 
T-2nd Place – Kyle Moffett (Carolina Triad Div 1) -2 
T-2nd Place – Ben Cox (Charlotte Div 1) -2 
T-4th Place – Jason Breedlove (Charlotte Div 2) Even 
T-4th Place – Bernie Loehr (Charlotte Div 3) Even  

The Complete Charlotte Schedule will be completed in the next couple of weeks due to waiting on final contracts from host courses.  As we have seen from our fall events they are filling fast and developing wait lists.  Please remember that we have the Deposit/Balance feature enabled for all Charlotte Events so that you can reserve your spot for a nominal fee, and this will guarantee your spot in the field.


Red Bridge Winners

Division 1 Champion

Kyle Moffett


Division 2 Champion

Jason Breedlove


Division 3 Champion

Joseph Cannatti


Division 4 Champion

Eric Seibert


Division 5 Champion

Patricio Lopez