Tobacco Road Results

Today we had 59 guys that woke up to frigid conditions to battle Tobacco Road today. The temperatures started in the low 30s and warmed up to a high 50. There were a lot of impressive scores throughout all the flights today.

Results for Tobacco Road:


Division 1- Bruce Bevins (72)

Runner up-Will Morgan (73)

Division 2-Pedro Montoya(75)*

Runner up 1-Gerald Lewis(75)

Runner up 2-Warren Rennox(79)

Division 3- Brandon Hasley (80)

Runner up 1-Joseph Jones (84)

Runner up 2-Chad Fisher (85)

Division 4-Brent Coffey(90)

Runner up 1- Alan Reynolds (91)

Runner up 2-Mark Langford(93)

Division 5- Christy McCauley(89)

Runner up-Justin Keaton(95)

Skins1 and 2:

Jerod Ewing(2) PAID BOTH

Mac McMillian(2) PAID BOTH

John Perron: PAID

Rick Lee: PAID

Gerald Lewis: PAID

Dan Stroud: PAID

Ryan Ventura: PAID


Chad Fisher(PAID)

Patrick Ramsey(PAID)

Joe Rollison (PAID)

Steve Daniels(PAID)

Brent Coffey(PAID)


Jerod Ewing(PAID)

Rick Lee(PAID)

Gerald Lewis(PAID)

Mac McMillian(PAID)

Joe Rollison(PAID)

We want to thank everyone that came out to support APT!!!

Carolina Triad Chapter