Jul 10, 2022

The Neuse Golf Club Tournament Results

The event was set for 2 rounds of golf on 2 great courses in the Triangle area. However, mother nature only allowed us to complete 18 holes of the event. We started Round 2 but shortened the event to an 18-hole tournament. 

In Division 1 we had 1st place tie between Ivan Jones and Jonathan Harrington. The win was split between 2 players. 

In Division 2 Pedro Montoya shot 76 to capture victory over Matt Phillips. Montoya win has put him in great position to defend his 2021 Local Player of the Year. Phillips secured 2nd with a score of 79. 

In Division3 Abraham Pieenar comes out blazing to capture victory with a score of 79 to win by 6 shots. In 2nd place Trinity Manning comes away with enough points to make 2022 Local Player of the Year race interesting. 

In Division 4 Bedford Springs National Major winner secures another victory this weekend with a score of 92. Henris also has positioned himself for Local Player of the Year victory.  

Next Event: Walnut Creek CC 12:30 pm tee time 


The Neuse Winners

Division 1 Champion

Ivan Jones


Division 2 Champion

Pedro Montoya


Division 3 Champion

Abraham Pienaar


Division 4 Champion

Daniel Henris