Jul 11, 2022

Persimmon Woods Golf Club Tournament Results


On Monday, the St. Louis chapter descended on Persimmon Woods Golf Club, host of the 2022 U.S. Amateur Qualifying just a few days prior.  135 players teed it up at the prestigious private club, ranked in the Top 5 Private Clubs in the state in Golfweek Magazine in 2021.  Players were in for a great experience, with firm and fast conditions, deep rough, and smooth greens. 

In Division 1, Blake Heimburger returned to the winner’s circle, showing poise after bouncing back from a double bogey on his opening hole to shoot a 1-over par 72.  Scott Carl returned to the tour, shooting a 76 to finish in 2nd place while Kevin Erxleben and Robert Nemnich tied for 3rd with rounds of 78.  On the senior side, Kevin Erxleben returned to the winners circle with his round of 78.  

Division 1 Payouts: 

1st - Blake Heimburger - $145 
2nd – Scott Carl - $35 

Senior Division 1 Payouts: 

1st – Kevin Erxleben - $60 

 In Division 2, the day belonged to Chris Scoles, who got off to a hot start that he would not look back from.  Scoles made 4 birdies on the day, with the last coming on the difficult par-4 15th hole on his way to a 1-over round of 72 and a 2-shot victory over Dillon Keeven, who finished 2-shots off the pace with a round of 74.  Joel Miller, fresh off his MAJOR win at Annbriar, continued this season’s solid play with a round of 78.  Adam Spiroff and Joe Ortbals tied for 4th with rounds of 79, while Todd Feuerhaken and Mikie Rybak finished tied for 6th with rounds of 80.  In the senior division, Todd Feuerhaken shot 80 his first win of the 2022 season, holding off Ray Morales by one stroke.  Mike Lingenfelter came in 3rd with a round of 82. 

Division 2 Payouts: 

1st – Chris Scoles - $315 
2nd – Dillon Keeven - $140 
3rd – Joel Miller - $110 
T-4 – Adam Spiroff - $60 
T-4 – Joe Ortbals - $60 
T-6 – Todd Feuerhaken - $15 
T-6 – Mikie Rybak - $15 

Senior Division 2 Payouts 

1st – Todd Feuerhaken - $145 
2nd – Ray Morales - $35  

In Division 3, 18 holes would not be enough to determine an outright champion.  Because of the nature of our Monday events and the ability to request AM or PM times due to work schedules, when playoffs are not available purses and points split.  Brian Dobrynski and Andy Nugent tied for 1st place with rounds of 80, while Troy Tennant and Phil Sherer tied for 3rd just one shot off the pace.  Kyle Fuehne, Greg Miller, Zach Brda and Chris Canfield tied for 5th just 2 shots off of the pace with rounds of 82. On the senior side, Brian Koch and Gary Hutchcraft tied at the top with rounds of 82.  Chuck Schranck and Jason Stone finished T-3 just two shots off the pace with 84, while David Baxmeyer finished in 5th with a round of 85. 

Division 3 Payouts: 

1st – Brian Dobrynski - $240 
1st – Andy Nugent - $240 
3rd – Troy Tennant - $93 
3rd – Phil Sherer - $93 
5th – Kyle Fuehne - $19 
5th – Greg Miller - $19 
5th – Zach Brda - $19 
5th – Chris Canfield - $19 

Senior Division 3 Payouts:  

1st – Brian Koch - $170 
1st – Gary Hutchcraft - $170 
3rd – Chuck Schranck - $30 
3rd – Jason Stone - $30  

In Division 4, 3 shots would separate the top-8 finishers of the day.  Kansas City Member David Szczucinski, Mike Scalera, and Elizabeth Bigler tied for the win with rounds of 16-over par 87.  Jesse Baumann, Rick Johnson, and Steve Middendorf tied for 4th just one shot out of the lead.  Paul Spotanski and Allen Starnes finished just two shots back tied for the 7th position.  On the senior side, John Evans made the most of his tour debut, shooting a round of 85 to earn a 2-shot victory over Mike Scalera.  Rick Johnson and Steve Middendorf tied for 3rd with rounds of 88. 

Division 4 Payouts: 

1st – David Szczucinski - $143 
1st – Mike Scalera - $143 
1st – Elizabeth Bigler - $143 
4th – Jesse Baumann - $17 
4th – Rick Johnson - $17
4th – Steve Middendorf - $17 

Senior Division 4 Payouts: 

1st – John Evans - $195 
2nd – Mike Scalera - $85 

In Division 5, each of the top-3 players took full advantage of the “Double-Dip” opportunity, finishing in their respective position in both the open and senior divisions.  Craig Uttendorf earned his first career tour victory, shooting a solid round of 90 to hold off Albert Orelt, who finished just one-shot back with a round of 91.  Greg Russell rounded out the top-3 with a round of 93, while Brian Mulchek narrowly missed the money, finishing 1-shot back of 3rd with a 94.  

Division 5 Payouts:  

1st – Craig Uttendorf - $215 
2nd – Albert Orelt - $90 
3rd – Greg Russell - $55  

Senior Division 5 Payouts:  

1st – Craig Uttendorf - $210 
2nd – Albert Orelt - $80 
3rd – Greg Russell - $30  

From here, the tour moves to an open event at Aberdeen Golf Club on Saturday, July 30th and the senior tour moves to Crystal Highlands Golf Club on Sunday, July 31st.  Registration will be open until July 23rd, so don’t miss your chance to pick up valuable player of the year points! 


Total Prize Pool - $3,717 
Total Skins - $3,300 


Persimmon Woods Winners

Division 1 Champion

Blake Heimburger


Division 2 Champion

Chris Scoles


Division 3 Champion

Brian Dobrynski


Division 3 Champion

Andy Nugent


Division 4 Champion

David Szczucinski


Division 4 Champion

Mike Scalera


Division 4 Champion

Elizabeth Bigler


Division 5 Champion

Craig Uttendorf


Sr. Division 1 Champion

Kevin Erxleben


Sr. Division 2 Champion

Todd Feuerhaken


Sr. Division 3 Champion

Brian Koch


Sr. Division 4 Champion

John Evans


Sr. Division 5 Champion

Craig Uttendorf