Dec 5, 2021

NC Fall Series Finale Results

The NC fall series was a success!!! Players traveled from 13 different chapters ranging from Rocky Mountain (UTAH) and Metro New York chapter. We would like to thank all the players who participated in these events. The two-day finale presented what we thought was the greatest surprise and that was the weather. The weekend weather was perfect for NC in December!!

In Division 1 the pace of the tournament was set by none other than Will Morgan 70(-2) to carry a 5 shot lead into the 2nd round over Daniel Jackson. The players headed to the 2nd round were Jackson made a charge to cut the lead to 1 before Morgan made eagle and birdie on 10 and 11 to regain control of the event. Morgan wins his first event of the 2022season early as Jackson finishes 2nd.Daniel Jackson finished runner-up for the second time during the series and that was good enough to win points race for the NC Fall Series and he receives a GTECH hand warmer.

In Division 2 we also had another player set the pace for the tournament in the 1st round and his name was Pedro Montoya. Montoya scores a 75(+3) to lead the event by 3 shots. During the 2nd round players slowly but surely was able catch and pass Montoya. Phil VanGeersdaelen and Victor Rivera once held 1 shot lead over the field. Pedro Montoya regrouped and was able to minimize his mistakes down the stretch in order to take victory. VanGeersdaelen was able to hold on to 2nd place. The fall series winners were Pedro Montoya and Ken Fishback they will also receive a GTECH hand warmer.

In Division 3 was a very tight race after round 1. The leaderboard had two players tied Bernie Loehr and Tracey Owens at 83(+11) with two players within 2 shots. In the 2nd round Tracey Owens (TO) puts on the performance of the day by shooting 78(+6) this was low round for his division for the day by 7shots and allowed T.O. to win the event in a landslide victory by 9 shots. Tracey played was good enough for a promotion to Division 2. The winner in Division 3 fall series points race was Russel McDonald and he receives an GTECH Hand warmer.

In Division 4 we had some parody as well as we had a very tight race. The players were Brian Gregor, Eric Seibert, Daniel Henris and Royal McKenney. The players took off to the course in the final group as they battled back and forth. During the 2nd round scoring conditions were made difficult by the winds early in the day.
The tournament was able to be controlled by Daniel Henris. The 89(+17) was good enough to pass the other competitors to win by 4 shots. Brian, Royal, and Eric finished in a 3-way tie for 2nd place. In Division 4 Daniel Henris wins the falls series points race in order to win the GTECH Hand warmer. In Division 5 the tournament was controlled by Mike Jones from the Virginia Capital chapter. Jones held a decent size lead going into the final round. Jones was able to hold after some struggles during the day. Division 5 had so much parody in the Fall series that depending on where players finished the winner of the final event could also be the winner of the fall points race. Jones wins the both the tourney and NC fall series and becomes the 2nd player of the day to win both prizes.


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