Aug 14, 2021

Mill Creek Golf Club Results

The tournament at Mill Creek. The temperatures were very hot and uncomfortable but we had 32 players ready to rock and roll.  We would like to thank the staff and management at the course for the opportunity to play this great track near the Triad.

In Division 1 it was a 2 player race between Ivan Jones and Brian Hayes. At the turn Hayes had a 4 shot lead only to be cut to 1 until a mistake was made on the green by Jones. At that point Hayes jumps out to 2 shot lead with 2 to play and was able to secure his 4 victory of the year.

In Division 2 there were 4 names around the leaderboard. It was until number 16 hole that apparently Juan Sedano decide to set and begin to play golf. Sedano birdies 17 and 18 to get in at 76(+4) over Brandon Mabe and Pedro Montoya. Montoya takes 2nd place as he wins the tie between Brandon Mabe.

In Division 3 we players going back and forth between 2 player from NC Triad golfers group. Trinity Manning and Mike Foster. Foster has played and won 2 events this year. The experience was a determining factor for victory. Foster wins event 77(+5) to win by 4 shots over Trinity Manning 81(+9)

In Division 4 a common name was lurking around the leaderboard again  today (Christy McCauley). McCauley comes in with 90(+18) good enough for the victory.  In 1st place with a score of 90(+18) McCauley edge her competitor Alan Granza by 1 shot. This also gives McCauley her fourth victory of the year. Congratulations on stretching the lead for local player of the year.

In Division 5 Michael Charles secures his first of many APT victories with a score of 90(+18.) Charles had been coming close over the last few tournaments with 2nd place finishes. Today he was able to punch his ticket. Charles congratulations on a job well done.

Congratulations to all winners today!!!!

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Mill Creek Winners

Division 1 Champion

Brian Hayes

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Division 2 Champion

Juan Sedano

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Division 3 Champion

Mike Foster

USGA golf tournament for amateur players in north carolina

Division 4 Champion

Christy McCauley

women in golf for amateur players in north carolina

Division 5 Champion

Michael Charles

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