Jan 21, 2022

Florida’s Celebration Challenge Results

This week the South Florida Tour hosted the Celebration Challenge at the Celebration Golf Course in Kissimmee, FL. The prize pool of both Prize money and Skins was over $2600!  

The field of 72 took on the course at the break of dawn with the first tee times at just pass 7 am, with mild temps in  the low 70’s, competition was fierce in all 5 divisions. The competitors were from all over the country, but the St. Louis chapter cleaned up secure 3 of the 5 divisional winners. Frankie’s Flock grew by 5 after crowing 5 division champions.  

Division 1 Celebration Challenge Champion: Will Morgan from NC shot a blistering (-1) 71, and won by 4 strokes 

Division 2 Celebration Challenge Champion: Michael Petty from MO shot 76 and cleared his field just 2 strokes 

Division 3 Celebration Challenge Champion: Jason Harbin from AL shot 80 and won by 4 strokes 

Division 4 Celebration Challenge Champion: Rick Johnson from IL shot 82 and won by 4 strokes 

Division 5 Celebration Challenge Champion: Mike Pittroff from MO shot a 87 and secured a victory by 2 shots over his field.  

CTP Winners:  

Rick Compton: #5  

Russell Cook: #13 

Thank You to all those who came out and competed and we look forward to seeing you at the next APT Event.  


Celebration Winners

Division 1 Champion

Will Morgan

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Division 2 Champion

Michael Petty

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Division 3 Champion

Jason Harbin

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Division 4 Champion

Rick Johnson

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Division 5 Champion

Mike Pitroff

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