Champions Retreat Golf Club Results

Champions Retreat Golf Club welcomed Amateur Players Tour members and guests to Evans, Ga. Champions Retreat is ranked one of the top courses in the state. The weather was hot and so were some of the scores. A big APT thank you to Mike Rymer (Director of Golf), Cameron Wiebe (General Manager) and their staff for hosting our tournament.
It was also great to have our Co-Founders Jody Barrett and Matt Minder with us for the tournament. 

In Division 1, Dan Constantino from Greer, SC shot +3 (75) earning his second APT win this year. Congratulations Dan!

In Division 2 from Appling, GA Adam Davis shot +3 (75) earning his second win this year. Great playing Adam! Charlotte Chapter Owner Phil VanGeersdaelen took home second place with +5 (77). The two super skins were a nice consolation prize. Also shooting +5 (77)
Jordan Jones from Huntsville, AL.

In Division 3 from Cullowhee, NC TJ Eaves shot a smooth +5 (77). This is TJ’s first win of the 2021 season. Great playing TJ! He edged out Wes Pender +8 (80) from North Augusta, SC.

In Division 4 Chapter Nashville Owner Joe Smolira from Nashville, TN shot +8 (80) winning his second tournament of the year. Way to go Joe! David Biggs + 14 (86) from Evans, GA brought home second.

In Division 5 Troy Fridie +14 (86) from Aiken, SC picks up his second APT win on the year. Way to go Troy! Coming in second place was Jerry Price, Jr. +17 (89) from Waynesboro, GA.

Skins 1/2: $160

$23 ea – Phil VanGeersdaelen (2), R. Sabol, D. Constantino, A. Ayala, A. Davis, R. Donaldson

Skins 3: $70

$8 ea – W. Pender (3), J. Johnston (2), W. Graves (2), S. Shealy, G. Sammons


$13ea – J. Smolira (2), T. Fridie (2), A. Alcon, S. Berry, D. Biggs, D. Varble

Super Skins: $660

$132 - Phil VanGeersdaelen (2), R. Sabol, D. Constantino, T. Fridie

50/50 Winner $100 – Russ Donaldson

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to all of our volunteers! Sign up for the next tournament today!

Next tournament:
Forest Hills
July 10
Augusta, GA


Champions Retreat Winners

Division 1

Dan Constantino

Augusta Georgia Amateur Players Tour at Champions Retreat

Division 2 Champion

Adam Davis

Amateur Players Tour visit Champions retreat Georgia

Division 3 Champion

TJ Eaves

Golf Tournament Georgia Winner at Champions Retreat

Division 4 Champion

Joe Smolira

Amateur Players Golf Tournament Nashville and Augusta

Division 5 Champion

Troy Fridie

Amateur Golfing across the United States Players Tour