Mar 26, 2022

Beacon Ridge Golf Tournament Results

We had 44 players to participate in the event at Beacon Ridge CC. The day started out brisk but throughout the day the winds picked up, making the conditions tough. In the Senior Division Spurling Cook takes the win. 

In Division 1 the winner was from the area and the local knowledge paid dividends with a score of 72(E) Will Morgan. The win as propel Morgan to early start to Player of the Year both National and Local. 

In Division 2 we had a PLAYOFF between Juan Sedano and Mike Martin as both players shot 81(+9). The players took off and the decision was made after the first hole. The winner of the playoff was Juan Sedano. Sedano also wins the Senior Division Double making for great pay day. Mike Martin secures 2nd place and Mick Correll finishes in 3rd place with score of 82(+10). 

In Division 3 we had a very tight race between Duane Fisher, Flip Lea, and Nick Adams throughout the day. The seesaw battle continued all the way to the last hole. Lea posts a score of 84(+12) and had the clubhouse lead as the remaining competitors try to track. Adams falls short with a score of 86(+14). Fisher stood on the 18th hole with a 1 shot but couldn’t close the deal and finished with an 85(+13). Flip Lea wins first APT event congratulations. In the Senior Double Dip Warren Hackler secures the victory. 

In Division 4 we had another PLAYOFF between Daniel Henris and Curtis Faison. The two players took off to play the first hole to see who be the winner at Beacon Ridge CC. The playoff was complete and Daniel Henris. The two players were also in the Senior Double Dip and split the win!!! 

In Division 5 there was a good battle going on between Chris Tuggle and Hector Luna. The players were only separated by a couple of strokes most of the day. Tuggle posts a score of 89(+17) and patiently waited to see if Luna could track him down. In the end Luna falls short by with a score of 91(+19). Congratulations to Chris Tuggle for winning his first APT event. The winner of the senior Double Dip was Hector Luna congratulation!!! 


Beacon Ridge Winners

Division 1 Champion

Will Morgan

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Division 2 Champion

Juan Sedano


Division 3 Champion

Flip Lea


Division 4 Champion

Daniel Henris


Division 5 Champion

Chris Tuggle