Jun 12, 2021

Atlanta’s Chestatee Golf Club Results


Thank you to all the players that made it to Chestatee this Saturday!  It was a very hot day and turned out to be survival of the fittest.  We have had a lot of rain this past week and the course did a phenomenal job getting the course ready for us!  We want to thank Chestatee's staff for their hospitality and help ensuring that our tournament went smoothly and without a hitch.  There were several close finishes in each division and
OUR FIRST HOLE IN ONE ON THE ATLANTA TOUR WORTH $500!  Congrats to our winners!

Division 1

Chris Jones might not have had a lot of competition on the course today, but that didn't stop him from going out and shooting a very solid round of golf.  Chris shot a 74, 3 over par (par 71) that included 4 birdies on the day!  Chestatee may not have suited his game, but he was able to make some great up and downs from difficult areas and make some putts when he needed to.  And special shout out to APT Tour guest Dylan Long!  Dylan plays for Reinhardt University and wanted to sharpen his skills with getting involved in more tournament golf.  Dylan may not have been in the correct division today, so that's why we did a "Battlefield Promotion" for him, instead of DQ'd.  Dylan was a class act through everything and played a great round of golf!  Welcome to the APT family Dylan and we hope to see you at more tournaments this year!

Division 2

If anyone was betting on this player to win today, they would've won some money, BUT it took an unbelievable finish to pull out the win by 2!  Congrats to JG Hill for winning D2 by 2 shots! JG finished with a flurry of 3 birdies in his last 4 holes to pull out the win, and his first win with APT!  JG is not a rookie when it comes to playing tournament golf, as he's been a member of several other tours for years.  JG decided to give APT a shot and nothing but great things to say about our tour and how we run tournaments!  Congrats and welcome to the APT Tour!  Sean Pierce may not have had his best day on the greens, but his solid play proved well enough to finish in 2nd place today!  Sean has been playing in more tournaments lately and really likes playing different courses and the guys he's playing with!  Maybe making a couple more putts and Sean will get that 1st win on APT!  And lastly, we had a 3 way tie for third place with AJ Ayala, John Perron, and James Davis!  AJ played well on the front but the heat got the best of him on the back and limped his way in to the house.  John Perron had a few bad holes that he tried to come back from with an UNREAL 9 IRON FROM 163yds DOWNHILL PAR 3 17th HOLE IN ONE!!!  And congrats to James Davis and his first tournament after being bumped up from D3!

Division 3

We had another tight race to the finish in D3!  Congrats to Johnny Croley for his 2nd win of the year winning by 2 shots!  Johnny got through the front nine and noticed that the round was quickly becoming a 2 player race to the end and really felt like a match play tournament!  He was able to keep his nose just in front of the second place finisher to pull out the victory!  Congrats to Bryan Wimberly for his 2nd place finish!  Bryan may not have won today, but has quickly shown to be a force to be reckoned with in D3!  This was Bryan's 2nd tournament with APT and he's knocking on the door for that first win!  He's getting better and better with each tournament and that 1st win will come soon!  And congrats to Shawn Powers for finishing 3rd.  Shawn wasn't able to finish the way he wanted to but had fun and really enjoyed the course!

Division 4

Congrats to our winner in D4!  He may not have had a lot of competition today, but by being grouped with D2 players, it forced him to really play well!  Congrats to Kip Moore on his 2nd victory of the year and finally breaking 90 for the first time EVER!!!  Kip has been playing a lot of tournaments this year, and that's because he really appreciates how the APT Tour is ran, really enjoys all the guys he's playing with, and playing these different courses that he normally wouldn't play!  Congrats on the win and shooting your best score ever Kip!  And thank you for being such a great ambassador for our APT Tour!

Division 5

Congrats to our new D5 player, Shane Snyder for playing AND winning his first APT tournament!  Shane has been doing his research on tournament golf in the Atlanta area and finally pulled the trigger on the APT tour!  Shane said that he's heard nothing but great things about the tour, see's what we've been doing for our players and the player experience, and wanted to get back to playing more golf!  Congrats Shane for your very first win!  Shane said that it's his first trophy EVER!!!  Congrats to Antonio Stinner on his 2nd place finish on Saturday!  Antonio is knocking at the door for his first win and he's getting closer and closer!  Antonio has been a member of several other tours but told APT that he's stopped because of how we run the tournaments and people that he's playing with!  And lastly, congrats to APT Tour newcomer Pete Garner!  Pete may not have ended up with the score that he wanted, as he's not hitting the ball like he's used to, but with some more practice and playing, you'll get it straightened out soon Pete!


Chestatee Winners

Division 1 Champion

Chris Jones

Amateur Players Tour Atlanta at Chestatee

Division 2 Champion

Jon Garrick Hill

Chestatee Atlanta Winner Amateur Players Tour

Division 3 Champion

Johnny Croley

Amateur Players Tour Atlanta Golf Tournament

Division 4 Champion

Kip Moore

Amateur Players Tour Golf Week Event Atlanta

Division 5 Champion

Shane Snyder

Winner of Amateur Golf Event Atlanta