Aug 28, 2022

Abbey Springs Golf Tournament Results


The always beautiful Abbey Springs was a fantastic host for our last event. For a while, it looked like the storms would hold off, but then the light show began, and we waited in the clubhouse for a chance to finish the round. In the end, the tournament was shortened based on which holes each division had completed, and prizes were awarded accordingly. 

John Gollwitzer (Long Grove, IL) stood alone on this day. He fired a 78 on the strength of 3 birdies and a balanced, consistent 39 on each side. John was one of the few golfers who was able to finish the entire course before the skies opened up and he ended up with a great round to show for it. 

Division 2 was shortened to a 13-hole event, and Kirk Blakney (Joliet, IL) took home his first trophy of the year with a +7. Danny Kwilas (Algonquin, IL) and Dan Clark (Hampshire, IL) finished tied for 2nd at +9.  

Newcomer Brent Turner (Chicago, IL) won the 12-hole Division 3 event with a +9 to narrowly outlast Ronald Greaves (Chicago, IL) at +10. Turner’s 41 on the front, including a birdie on hole 5, gave him just enough cushion to hold off 3-time champion Greaves. 

Dan India (Deerfield, IL) won his second straight event in Division 4, firing a 40 on the front and edging out Alan Corbin (Fox River Grove, IL) in an 11-hole event with a +5. Corbin’s eagle on the Par 5 10th hole made things interesting, but was not quite enough to help him overtake the lead.  

Division 5 saw Tim Hansen (Kenosha, WI) win an 11-hole battle with Terry Witte (Aurora, IL). Hansen was at +11 when the event ended, giving him a 1-stroke advantage over Witte. 

Our next tour stop is at Arrowhead Country Club on September 7th. Straight tee times begin at 11:30am! 


Abbey Springs Winners

Division 1 Champion

John Gollwitzer


Division 2 Champion

Kirk Blakney


Division 3 Champion

Brent Turner


Division 4 Champion

Daniel India


Division 5 Champion

Tim Hansen