Apr 13, 2024

2024 University of Maryland Golf Tournament Results


Tournament Champions

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Division 1 Champion

Nick Politis

Division 2 Champion

Dimitri Townsend

Division 3 Champion

Tyler Golding

Division 4 Champion

Andre Johnson

Division 5 Champion

James Sims

Open Net Champion

John Eastlack

Senior Net Champion

James Sims

    APT Maryland held its fourth event of the 2024 season.  44 players came out on a very windy day to be tested at the University of Maryland Golf Course.  Folds of Honor raffle was also conducted, this season we have raised over $170. 

    Division 1:  
    Four players for Division one battled out all day. Came down to the last hole where Nick Politis won by single shot over Mason Short. 

    Division 2:  
    Fourteen players for Division two grinded in it out.  In the end it was for a first time winner Dimitri Townsend, edge out two seasoned veterans Chris Denz and Bill Marlowe 

    Division 3:  
    Eleven players for Division three could not catch Tyler Golding. This also is Tyler’s first win.  Coming in second was Christy McCauley and Fred Levine finished third. 

    Division 4:   
    Eight players for Division Four battled all afternoon.  Came down to the last hole, Andre Johnson won out over Scott Zerance and Peyton Hottel 

    Division 5:   
    Seven players for Division Five were tested all day.  James Sims with his second victory of the season won over Jeff Brodsky 

    Senior/Open Net:  
    The Senior Net went to James Sims and the Open Net was won by John Eastlack 

     The winner of the Folds of Honor 50/50 raffle was won by Scott Zerance. 

    Congratulations to all the winners.