Apr 21, 2024

2024 Seaview Bay Golf Tournament Results


Tournament Champions

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Division 1 Champion

Adam Fuchs

Division 2 Champion

Josh Numbers

Division 3 Champion

Rick Knepp

Division 4 Champion

Freg Hafer

Division 5 Champion

Illyas Sarwari

Open Net Champion

Nick Lazarchuck

Senior Net Champion

Larry Barber

    The New Jersey/Philadelphia chapter unveils its second event at the esteemed Seaview Bay course, home of the renowned LPGA ShopRite Championships in Galloway, New Jersey. With a robust field of 52 players, the morning commenced with promising conditions under clear skies and warming temperatures. However, a swift change in weather ushered in brisk winds and rolling clouds, presenting a formidable challenge. Adding to the complexity were the ever-changing greens, further testing the skills of the competitors. 

    In Division 1, Adam Fuchs carded an impressive +5 with a score of 76 and took home the trophy, which best is competitor Chris Meares.  

    In Division 2, the competition was fierce and the drama unfolded with every swing. At the halfway mark, Josh Numbers surged ahead with a birdie on the ninth hole, carding a 41 and seizing a narrow lead heading into the back nine. Close on his heels was Tom Welsh, just one stroke behind with a solid 42, while Gary Greener trailed by four shots at 45. Gary made his intentions clear on the 10th, sinking a birdie to close in on second place, as Tom faltered with a bogey. The battle intensified as the round progressed, but it was Josh who ultimately triumphed, finishing with a stellar 81, one stroke ahead of Tom’s 82. Despite a valiant effort, Gary fell just short of the leaders, delivering the best back nine performances of the trio with a score of 39, showcasing his unwavering determination to contend till the very end. 

    In Division 3, It was a rollercoaster of tension and excitement as the top 5 contenders relentlessly vied for supremacy. At the pivotal turn, Rick Knepp and Jeff Grubb were deadlocked with scores of 42, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown. However, Larry Barber emerged as a formidable force, showcasing his mastery with an impressive string of eight pars and one bogey, clinching the best back nine performance in the division and securing a final score of 85. Yet, the battle was far from over as Jeff Grubb and Steve Winnick refused to relent, applying relentless pressure on Rick. A stumble by Rick with a double bogey on the 11th momentarily opened the door for his challengers. Unfortunately for Jeff, a series of bogeys and a double bogey dashed his hopes of contention. Meanwhile, Steve Winnick’s stellar performance on the back nine, highlighted by five pars and a 38, brought him tantalizingly close to the top spot with a final score of 83. However, it was Rick’s unwavering resolve that ultimately prevailed, as his score of 82 proved just enough to clinch victory and hoist the coveted trophy. In the end, Larry secured a commendable third-place finish with his score of 85, underscoring the fiercely competitive nature of the tournament. 

    In Division 4, In an unexpected twist of fate, the showdown between Gregg Hafer, Andrew Repetto, and Robert Irwin unfolded with gripping intensity. Initially, Gregg seemed to have a comfortable lead, boasting a six-stroke advantage with a solid 43 compared to Andrew’s 49 and Robert’s 47. However, it was the back nine where the plot thickened and the drama intensified. As Gregg encountered challenges, struggling to find his rhythm with just one par and three double bogeys, the door swung wide open for Andrew and Robert to mount a comeback. Andrew unleashed a relentless charge, determined to overtake Gregg, but despite his valiant effort, time ran out, and his final score of 90 fell short of Gregg’s 88. Meanwhile, Robert fought hard to stay in contention, ultimately securing a respectable third-place finish with a score of 92.  

    In Division 5, In a display of sheer dominance, Illyas Sarwari asserted his authority over the Division Five field, establishing an unassailable lead with a commanding score of 46 at the turn. With unwavering focus, he replicated that stellar performance on the back nine, securing a well-deserved first-place finish with a commendable total of 92. However, the real battleground unfolded for the coveted second-place spot, with Noel Matos, Anthony Santoro, and Michael Clemenko locked in a fierce duel. At the turn, Michael held a slight edge with a 50, closely trailed by Noel with a 52, and Anthony not far behind with a 53. As the tension mounted on the back nine, every stroke became crucial in determining the final standings. It all came down to the dramatic 18th hole, where Noel’s triple bogey threatened to derail his bid for sole second place. Seizing the opportunity, Anthony capitalized with a clutch birdie, clinching a tie for second with a final score of 98. Meanwhile, Michael’s valiant effort fell just short of the podium, as a bogey on the final hole left him one shot adrift, settling for a respectable fourth-place finish with a total score of 99

    In Open Net, Nick Lazarchuck and Jose Martinez both shot a +7 with a Net score of 78 making for a nail biting 2-way tie for 1st in the Open Net competition. However, Nick took the trophy with the better of back nine card. There were four players who tied for 3rd place Nick Amabile, Jeff Grubb, Same Pepe, and Noel Matos all with a net score of +9 scores of 80

    In Senior Net, Rick Knepp and Larry Barber both shot impressive +3 with a NET score of 74 making for a nail biting 2-way tie for 1st in the Open Net competition. However, Larry took the trophy with the better of back nine card. Steve Winnick and Gregg Hafer tied for third place with a +4 Net score of 75.  

    From here, the tour moves to Crystal Springs and we play Black Bear golf course. on Sunday May 5th This course will challenge every completive golfer. Coming events include, Echo Lake Country Club on Monday, May 13th and LBI National on Sunday June 2nd. Be sure to secure your spots today!