Oct 25, 2023

2024 Season Opener at Fossil Creek

The 2024 Season Opener at Fossil Creek was great! New members, seasoned members, and guests alike, came together to compete at a course that is always ready for a challenge. After tee-off, the wind decided to show up and become an added test to everyone’s skills. Birdies were hard to find on this course today! 

We had 3 guests and 1 member guest to join us, with one choosing to join us in membership. 


Winner – Division 1: Andrew Morsinkhoff (78) 
Andrew Morsinkhoff, the only one to find a birdie in D1 and double bogey free, earned him 1st place to take home the trophy and VISA Gift Card. Tyler Thomas came in 2nd with a score of 84 and Brad Branch came in 3rd with an 86. 

Winner – Division 2: Raymond Dawson (78) 
There were only 3 birdies to be had in Division 2 today. While MJ Jordan found a birdie, Raymond Dawson beat him out and moved to 1st place, double bogey free bringing in a final score of 78. The double bogeys got MJ Jordan, coming in with an 84 for 2nd place and Adolfo Perez who came in with an 85. 

Winner – Division 3: Bobby Hart (84) 
Bobby Hart claimed 1st place today bringing in a score of 84 beating Scott Prestridge by one stroke. Scott had the front nine by one stroke over Bobby but making the turn, Bobby played two strokes better than Scott, bringing in the win. Scott Prestridge scored an 85 for 2nd and Michael Cox came in 3rd with an 86. 

Winner – Division 4: Brian Hart (90) 
There was a 2-stroke difference for the win in Division 4 today. Brian had a 5-stroke lead on Robert Haynes on the front nine, but Robert kicked it in gear, chasing Brian all the way to the finish but scoring one more stroke, giving Brian the win. Robert Haynes had a final score of 91 and Chris Johnson came in just behind him with a 92. 

Winner – Division 5: Eric Watson (89) 
New member, Sasha Malich had the lead over Eric by 1-stroke on the front nine, but Eric took over at the turn prevailing with a 4-stroke lead on the back nine, bringing in the winning score of 89. Sasha Malich brought in a final score of 92 for 2nd place while JD Danilowicz came 3rd place with a 99. 

Winner – Senior Net – Bobby Hart  
We had 15 players in the Senior Net today. Bobby Hart had a total net score of 69 for 1st place. Chris Johnson had a net score of 71 for 2nd place, while Raymond Dawson, Brian Hart and Scott Prestridge all tied for 3rd place, each with net score of 72. 

Our quickest finish was brought in at 4 Hrs. 35 Mins. today.  

Good job to all of our players for a windy finish! 

Congratulations to all of our winners. See you at Watters Creek 


Season Opener at Fossil Creek Winners

Division 1 Champion

Andrew Morsinkhoff


Division 2 Champion

Raymond Dawson


Division 3 Champion

Bobby Hart


Division 4 Champion

Brian Hart


Division 5 Champion

Eric Watson


Senior Net Champion

Bobby Hart