Jul 9, 2023

2023 Salem Glen Golf Tournament Results


We had 41 players come out and compete at Salem Glen CC. The weather was perfect at first and then 2 hours into the round mother nature set in as we had 1hr and 40-minute weather delay. Once the weather passed by, we were able to complete the event. 

In Division 1 Tripp Shelton grabs his 2nd victory of the year with a score of (72) +1. Shelton remained steady all as he was able to win by 5 shots. Congratulations Tripp! 

In Division 2 we had our lowest score of the event recorded. Wesley Hill 71 (E) was more than enough for the victory by 3 shots over T- 2nd place Terry Newsome and Mike Petrini. Terry Newsome was able to the Senior Division. Congratulations Terry and Wesley! 

In Division 3 late entry Steven Henry was able to hold off and become victorious recording an 80(+9) to win by 2 shots. In 2nd place Charles Devenney and 3rd place is Jason Smith. Devenney was able to win the Senior Double Dip in Division 3. 

In Division 4 new member Tommie Stanley wins with a score of 85(+14) to win by 2 shots over Steve Daniels. Daniels was able to win the Senior Double Dip. Please welcome and congratulate Tommie Stanley. 

In Division 5 Mike Charles returns to the winner circle at a local event. Charles 86(+15) was good enough to win by 6 shots over Rivia Brown. Brown was the Senior Double Dip winner of Division 5. Congratulations to Brown and Charles!! 

 Congratulations to winners today 

Next event: 

12 Oaks CC-Stableford event- 7/16/23 1:30pm 


Salem Glen Winners

Division 1 Champion

Tripp Shelton


Division 2 Champion

Wesley Hill


Division 3 Champion

Steven Henry


Division 4 Champion

Tommie Stanley


Division 5 Champion

Mike Charles