Aug 27, 2023

2023 Mooresville Golf Tournament Results


Tournament Champions

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Division 1 Champion

Kyle Moffett

Division 2 Champion

Chase Brown

Division 3 Champion

Clifton Morgan

Division 4 Champion

Geof Smith

Division 5 Champion

Douglas Willie

    We got it in….  An event that was originally scheduled for April but postponed due to weather issue in April was finally played on Sunday.  96 Players were set to do battle on a warm and muggy Sunday afternoon.   

    In Division 1, We had 2 players tie at -1 (73) and were forced to return to the course to settle the score.  Casey Alexander (CLT) and Kyle Moffett (Triad) went back to #1 to compete in a sudden death playoff.  It took them 3 holes to decide the winner when Kyle made a par on the 3rd hole.  The third-place finisher was Stephen Pippin (Triad) who came in with a score of 75 (+3) 

    On the Senior Side, Casey Alexander claims first place with his score of -1 (71). 

    Congrats Kyle and Casey!! 

    In Division 2, with 25 players in the field it was Chase Brown (CLT) who gets back to the winner’s circle with a score of 73 (+1) to claim a 3-shot victory.  Dylan Helms (UPS) and Mac McMillan (Triad) both shot 76 (+4) to share 2nd place.  Just one-shot back was Tim Dupree (CLT) with a score of 77 (+5) as he claims 4th place.  Just another shot back was 3 more players who will share 5th place honors.  Juan Sedano (Triad), Juan Echeverri (CLT) and Sean Soltysiak (guest) all shot 78 (+6) 

    On the Senior side, it was Juan Sedano claiming the victory and sharing second place honors was C Ton (Triad) and Mike Mullins with scores of 79 (+7) 

    Congrats Chase and Juan!!! 

    In Division 3, another large field of 29 players battled it out.  It was Clif Morgan (CLT) playing a fantastic round and winning by 3 with a score of 78 (+6).  Local member Joe Cannatti (CLT) shares 2nd place honors with Greg Pruitt (UPS) with scores of 81 (+9).  Just 1 shot back was 4 players with score of 82 (+10).  Quinn Wilson (UPS), Allen Hagen (CLT), Tony Koechli (CLT) and Tink Brown (Triad) these players all share 4th and 5th place prizes. 

    On the Senior Side, Clif Morgan makes it a true Double Dip claiming the Senior side victory as well.  Joe Cannatti takes home second. 

    Congrats Clif on your Double Dip!!! 

    In Division 4, the 18th hole proved to be a major factor in determining the final result.  Coming into the 18th with a  1 stroke lead, Geof Smith (CLT) still looking for his first victory on tour made a disappointing double bogie to move to second place with a score of 88 (+16).  John Pearson (CLT) was still out on the course and now came to the 18th with a  1 stroke lead.  However, the tough 18th proved its toughness with John making a closing bogie to finish in a tie with Geof at the top.  As a result, they went back to the course (#1) and decided the result on the course.  Geof was able to capitalize and take the victory in the playoff.  Joey Fyall (Triad) takes home 3rd place with a  score of 89 (+17).  Rounding out the top paying spots was Jimmy Sullivan (UPS) with a a score of 90 (+18). 

    On the Senior side, we always split all ties and as a result, Geof and John will split the top prize for sharing in the victory. 

    Congrats Geoff and John!!! 

    In Division 5 we had a small field of 7 on this day.    Doug Willie (CLT) shoots 94 (+22) to claim a 3 shot victory over Gary Schnoor (CLT).  Gary shoots 97 (+25) to claim the 2nd place honors. 

    On the Senior Side, Doug also claims the victory to make it a true double dip. 

    Congrats Doug on your Double Dip!!! 

    50/50 Raffle to benefit Fold of Honor 

    Thanks to all players who purchased their 50/50 tickets to support our Charity of Choice, Fold of Honor. 

    We sold $400 worth of tickets, and the lucky winner was Allen Hagen taking home $200. 

    The second draw was for a dozen golf balls.  The winner of the balls is Greg Pruitt. 

    This brings our total donations up to $2750 for the calendar year.  

    The 2023 local season concludes in less than 2 weeks.  The Local Finals for the Carolina Triad and Charlotte Tours will be hosted at Stonebridge Golf Club in Monroe on the 9th and 10th of September.  This will also be the final local event to accumulate points for the Local Players of the Year awards.  Between Charlotte and Triad we will be crowing 20 champions after the event.  If you are planning to play, please do not hesitate and get shut out.  We had 5 players last week that did not get in the field due to late registrations and getting on the wait list.