Jun 10, 2023

2023 Coyote Creek Golf Tournament Results

A warm sunny day greeted the APT North Cal chapter on June 10th for our event at Coyote Creek on the Valley Course. The competition was close, the scores were solid, and the super skins paid very well at $86 per skin! 

Division 1 was won by Trysten Ewolhin who played with us again during his summer break from college. Trysten was awarded the Rivulet Plate and $120 visa gift card. Newcomer Craig Lambton took a two-shot lead after the opening nine and maintained a short lead until a difficult sequence on 15 and 16 which allowed Trysten to take a one-shot lead heading to 17. Trysten would make two solid pars to close out the win! 

Division 2 was won by new member Kevin Cance. Kevin was awarded the Rivulet Plate and $160 visa gift card. Kevin’s opening 39 was good for a three-shot lead over Anurag Bhardwaj. Both players would make a string of pars until the 15th where things moved clearly in Kevin’s favor after a solid birdie to Anurag’s bogey. Kevin would make another birdie on 17 and a par on 18 to complete the victory in style. 

Division 3 was won by Raymond Gerona. Raymond was awarded the Rivulet Plate and $120 visa gift card. Raymond and Hunter Fournier were tied after the opening nine with matching 43s. Both players would exchange the lead on 10, 11, 12 and 13. Raymond would take the lead by two after a solid par on the 14th and expand the lead to three after a solid birdie on the 15th. The 16th saw no change as both players made bogey. The 17th things started to get interesting as Raymond gave one back to head to 18 just two up, but a solid par would seal things for him and his second victory on the APT. 

Division 4 was a tale of two nines for the two top finishers in Division 4. James Padilla started out hot with a solid opening nine 41 which led to a six-shot lead over Emerson Ang and his 47. Things would get close on the back nine as Emerson rattled off three pars and a birdie to tie things up headed to the 14th tee. Both players would have trouble on the 14th, but Emerson would walk off the green with a one-shot lead. Doing all he could to keep James at bay, Emerson made a solid birdie on 15 to expand the lead to two! After a bogey and par, he would come to 18 with a three-shot lead. Emerson completed 18 with a solid bogey to finish out his day and complete the round with the win! 

Division 5 was won by Anthony Altemoos. Anthony was awarded the Rivulet Plate and $120 visa gift card. Anthony opened a six-shot lead over Alexander Ross after the opening nine. Anthony kept the pedal down and expanded his lead after back-to-back pars on 10 and 11. Anthony would finish the nine with a solid 46 capped off with a par on 18, leaving no doubt he was going home with the win! 


Coyote Creek Winners

Division 1 Champion

Trysten Ewolhin


Division 2 Champion

Kevin Cance


Division 3 Champion

Raymond Gerona


Division 4 Champion

Emerson Ang


Division 5 Champion

Anthony Altemoos