Apr 1, 2023

2023 Colonial CC Golf Tournament Results

We had 64 players in a sold-out field in tough windy conditions. The players battled with 30 mph wind on quick greens. 

In Division 1 Chris Berry of Chapel Hill cards a 77(+6) to win by 2 shots over John Massotti 79(+8). The conditions were very tough and breaking 80 today was an accomplishment. In senior 1 Pedro Montoya wins senior Division 1. Congratulations Chris and Pedro!! 

In Division 2 there were several players with an opportunity to win the event. Coung Ton from Greensboro, NC cards 81(+10) to secure the victory by 3 shots over Terry Newsome. Rounding out the top 3 is Mick Correll 86(+15). Ton also secures the victory for Senior 2 Double Dip. 

Congratulations Coung Ton!! 

In Division 3 there were several players with an opportunity to win the event. Ann Watkins out of Pinehurst, NC takes the victory with a score of 83(+12) to win by 2 shots over Jason Smith of Tobaccoville,NC with a score 85(+14). Rounding out the Top 3 winning in scorecard playoff was Julian Thompson. Ann Watkins also takes the Senior 3 Double Dip. 

Congratulations Ann!! 

In Division 4 Timmy Smith 90(+19) of Graham, NC takes the victory by 2 shots over Mike Gray of Winston- Salem, NC with a score of 92(+21). Mike Gray secured the victory for Senior 4 Double Dip. Congratulations Timmy and Mike!! 

In Division 5 there were 11 competitors battling in tough conditions. TJ Williams of Winston Salem, NC takes the victory over Steve Daniels by 1 shots. Daniels takes the Senior 5 Double Dip. Congratulations Steve and TJ!! 

Next event: 

Jamestown 4/15-4/16 


Colonial Winners

Division 1 Champion

Chris Berry


Division 2 Champion

Cuong Ton


Division 3 Champion

Ann Watkins


Division 4 Champion

Timmy Smith


Division 5 Champion

TJ Williams