Aug 5, 2023

2023 CC of Whispering Pines Golf Tournament Results


We had 44 players arrive at the CC of Whispering Pines (River). The weather was perfect for an August summer day. 

In Division 1 Wesley Jones and Will Morgan battle all day on the Pinehurst style golf course today. In the end local knowledge from Will Morgan prevailed to the victory by 2 shots over Jones. Morgan scores 71(E) and Jones finished 73(+2). 

In Division 2 we had our only playoff of the day with Scot Nichols and Juan Echverri with 78(+7) after 18 holes. On the very first playoff Juan Echverri makes birdie to secure the victory. Nichols takes 2nd in the open and wins the Senior Double Dip. Phil Vangeerdaeln takes 2nd in the double. 

In Division 3 we have players making a push to close the gap in the points race for player of the year. Jason Smith and Flip Lea are in top 6 prior to the event in points. The players performed today to close the gap. Jason Smith takes 2nd place in today contest. Flip Lea wins his 2nd consecutive event to crawl inside the top 5 for 2023 POY race. 

In Division 4 Mike Gray makes another solid performance to close the gap in the open and senior player of the race. Gray fell short to win in the open event by 1 shot to Louis Sauer. Sauer scores 81(+10) to win. Gray 82(+11) wins Senior Double Dip and 2nd in open. 

In Division 5 we had Keith Thomas was able to win Double Dip and open division by 10 shots with a score of 93(+22). 


Whispering Pines Winners

Division 1 Champion

Will Morgan


Division 2 Champion

Juan Echverri


Division 3 Champion

Flip Lea


Division 4 Champion

Louis Sauer


Division 5 Champion

Keith Thomas