Jul 16, 2023

2023 Bear Creek Golf Tournament Results


Our 2-Day Major at Bear Creek in Dallas this week brought us weather patterns to test our playing ability. Beginning with humid sweltering heat, to delay of play for lightning, to a cool breeze finish. This sold-out event tested the players on a different course each day and hosted APT members from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Augusta, Birmingham, and Tulsa.  

A shout-out and big thanks to Pat & Tammy Ryan (Houston Chapter) for helping put this Combo event together and the work it takes for a successful event. 

Winner – Division 1: Andrew Morsinkhoff - 154 (78 + 76) 

On Day 1, Andrew moved into the leader’s position on the front nine, but Nate finished up the back nine with a 6-stroke lead over Brad Branch and Andrew Morsinkhoff, moving him to 1st place on the leaderboard. On Day 2, Nate Zahn continues his lead on the front nine with a 3-stroke lead over Brad and Andrew. The back nine claimed a few extra strokes on Nate, giving Andrew the opportunity to overcome and claimed victory on the back nine by 7 strokes. Andrew took 1st place in the total scores by one stroke over Nate Zahn. 

Winner – Division 2: Jason Hawthorne – 162 (80 +82) 

On Day 1, Jason Hawthorne jumped out in 1st place for the day by shooting an 80, 7 strokes over 2nd in the lead, Troy White. On Day 2, Barry Seabranch gave Jason a good run by shooting 7 strokes under Jason but wasn’t enough to take the lead and Jason claimed 1st place in total scores by 4 strokes.  

Winner – Division 3: Justin Kreutzer - 156 (79 + 77) 

Day 1 was a battle between Justin Kreutzer and Ben Carmona, but Justin had 3-strokes on Ben moving him to the top of the leaderboard for the day. On day 2, it was a close one on the front nine, but Justin kicked it in gear and took off with the win, scoring another 3-stroke difference on the final back nine. 

Winner – Division 4: Mike Burgin - 164 (82 +82) 

Day 1, Mike Burgin and Paul Turner engaged in an even score making the turn, but Mike turned the power on and came in with a 3-stroke lead over Paul for the day giving him the lead. Day 2, Mike and Paul both had a great round scoring an 82, however, Mike took the 1st place win from the 3-stroke lead he had on day 1.  

Winner – Division 5: Eddie Haynes - 190 (94 + 96) 

Day 1, Eddie Haynes and Eric Watson chased each other the whole day with Eddie putting his name on the leaderboard by 1-stroke on the front nine. Day 2, Eric fought hard to keep up and tried to overtake Eddie, but both scored with a finishing day of 96. The 1-stroke lead from day 1 gave Eddie the overall lead and took home the 1st place trophy. 

Winner – Senior Net – Mike Burgin – Net 141  

We had 30 players in the Senior Net this weekend. Mike Burgin and Paul Turner were dueling partners again for the Senior Net, but Mike took the winner’s circle by 1-stroke 

Congratulations to all of our winners!  


Bear Creek Winners

Division 1 Champion

Andrew Morsinkhoff


Division 2 Champion

Jason Hawthorne


Division 3 Champion

Justin Kreutzer


Division 4 Champion

Mike Burgin


Division 5 Champion

Eddie Haynes


Senior Net Champion

Mike Burgin