Dec 11, 2022

2022 Winter Open at Iron Horse Results

This was a cold and wet day due to the inch of rain received during the night. We had to play cart path only, but our members were troopers, getting out and competing to see who would take home the trophy and to earn points for the yearlong Player of the Year race. There were 15 birdies for the day on this wet course and 159 pars were found with an average score of 89. 

Our average round for today was 4 Hrs. 41 Mins. with our fastest round being 4 Hrs. 33 Mins., not bad for cart path only. Great job players! 

In D1:  Andrew Morsinkhoff - 73 

 Andrew had some great competition with new member, Brad Branch taking second place with a score of 76 and right behind him, another new member, Ethan Dean placing third with a 77. 

In D2:  Ray Dawson - 78 

 Placing first, Ray Dawson finished with a 78 while new member, Gabriel Knight came in second with an 85 and new member, Joshua Alexander coming in third with an 89. 

In D3:   Randy Sitz - 83 

In Division 3, we had a close race. Randy taking home first place with an 83 to win by 1-stroke over new member, Scott Prestridge who took second place with an 84 and just behind Scott, Ben Carmona had an 85 for the third-place position. 

In D4:  Jason Jenniges - 89 

 Jason came in first place carding an 89 with Paul Turner following him scoring a 92 for second place. On Paul’s heals, Juan Dorado came in with a 93 for third place. 

In D5:  Michael Richards - 89 

Michael had a great day coming in first with an 89. Eddie Haynes placed second scoring a 94 with Tommy Change taking third place with a 96.  

Senior Net: 1st – Scott Prestridge, 2nd – Brad Branch, and 3rd – Ray Dawson 

Congratulations to all of our winners! 


Iron Horse Winners

Division 1 Champion

Andrew Morsinkhoff


Division 2 Champion

Raymond Dawson


Division 3 Champion

Randy Sitz


Division 4 Champion

Jason Jenniges


Division 5 Champion

Michael Richards


Senior Net Champion

Scott Prestridge