Nov 16, 2022

2022 Bandon Dunes Golf Tournament Results


The APT Fourball Championship at Bandon Dunes kicked off November 14th in Bandon, Oregon. Bandon Dunes is the United States top golf resort with 5 courses included in Golfweek’s top 15 best courses you can play. With perfect weather, the players took on two of America’s best courses in a once in a lifetime experience.  

In the net fourball competition, team Iowa David Oetken and Chapter Owner Paul Schmitz tied with fellow Iowan Brian Vance and Philly member Al James Nagbe shooting 12 under-par for the tournament. Oetken and Schmitz had four eagles and twelve birdies for the tournament. Team Nagbe and Vance had two eagles and eleven birdies for the tournament. Jeff Albritton and Rob Steves took won the championship shooting 16 under-par for the tournament. Albritton and Steves had two eagles, sixteen birdies, and only four bogeys for the tournament. 

Net Fourball Results: 

1. Steves/Albritton: Rd.1 64 | Rd.2 62
T2. Nagbe/Vance: Rd.1 65 | Rd.2 65
T2. Oetken/Schmitz: Rd.1 67 | Rd.2 65

4. Barrett/Rheinfurth: Rd.1 67 | Rd.2 64
5. Barritt/Patterson: Rd.1 73 | Rd.2 6

In the gross fourball competition, team Brain Vance and Al James Nagbe came in 3rd shooting three over-par with five birdies, twenty-nine pars, and seven bogeys for the tournament. Six shots ahead of team Vance and Nagbe was team Matt Minder and Catlin Kentta in a three under-par performance. Minder and Kentta had one eagle, five birdies, thirty-two pars, and only four bogeys. Team Jody Barrett and Oliver Rheinfurth took home the championship trophy shooting four under-par in a close matchup with Minder and Kentta. Barrett and Rheinfurth had a stellar performance shooting seven birdies, thirty-three pars, and only having 3 bogeys. 

Gross Fourball Results: 

1. Barrett/Rheinfurth: Rd.1 71 | Rd.2 67 
2. Minder/Kentta: Rd.1 70 | Rd.2 69 
3. Nagbe/Vance: Rd.1 72 | Rd.2 73 
4. Steves/Albritton: Rd.1 75 | Rd.2 72 
5. Master/McGraw: Rd.1 80 | Rd.2 72 


          Bandon Dunes Winners

          Net Fourball Champion

          Rob Steves &
          Jeff Albritton


          Gross Fourball Champion

          Oliver Rheinfurth
          & Jody Barrett