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Rules of Competition

Tour Event Registration

All Tour Events are open to only Members and their guests.  Guests must be sponsored and accompanied by a Member unless accepted by the Tournament Committee as an unaccompanied guest.  See the Tour Guest Policy above.

All Tour Event registration and payment must be made through the Tour website or mobile application.  Payment must be made online by credit card or electronic payment application provided on the Tour website or mobile application.  Entry fees for all Tour Event must be paid in full prior to commencement of play.

To provide the Tournament Committee and the Host Facility with adequate time to prepare for each event, registration will generally be closed at least 48 hours prior to the first tee time of the Event.  Members are encouraged to register and pay as far in advance of each Tour Event as possible to reserve their place in the field and provide the Tournament Committee with ample time to plan and adjust to the demand for the event.  Members may register for Tour Events in advance without paying the entry fee, but the registration will not be complete until payment is received by the Tournament Committee.

Tee Times/Shotgun Starts

The Tour shall make every effort to run Tour Events by tee times rather than shotgun starts when possible.  The Tournament Committee will notify all registered competitors of their tee time and pairings at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the first competitive tee time.  Tee times will be posted on the Tour website, mobile app, and may be emailed and/or texted to the field.  Please do not contact the Host Facility to inquire about tee times or pairings.  All communication regarding the Tour Event should be directed to the Tournament Committee.

Weather Policy

All questions as to whether a Tour Event will be played, delayed or cancelled, should be directed to the Tournament Committee.  Do not rely upon communication from the Host Facility staff regarding weather-related decisions.  The Tournament Committee and the Host Facility staff will confer to reach a decision regarding beginning, delaying, or stopping play.  That decision will be relayed to competitors via the Tour's mobile application, email and/or text.  Members should not assume that because it is raining or storming at their home that it is doing so at the Host Facility.  If the Host Facility permits play, and the Tournament Committee determines that it is safe, play will go on.

Weather-related conditions may delay or suspend play such as: 

  • Lightning
  • Weather Warnings
  • Course being deemed unplayable as determined by host facility

If weather causes the delay or suspension of play, every effort will be made by the tournament committee to complete the entire event.  If weather causes a delay, all players should remain on property and await official announcements from the tournament committee.  The tour will communicate by either live announcement, text or email.

As a last option, if a weather delay prevents a tournament from finishing, the following may result in an official tournament:

  • 18-hole events may be shortened to 9-holes.  If this isn't possible, it may be rescheduled.
  • 36-hole events may become official and be shortened to an 18-hole tournament.

While the Amateur Players Tour will do everything possible to complete an official and full event, there will be no refunds should inclement weather shorten the event.

Tournament Cancellations/Withdraws/No Shows

Members seeking to withdraw from a Tour Event prior to the close of registration may do so for a cancellation fee that is set in the tournament registration form.  Tour Owners will do whatever they can to keep any fee minimal, but credit card processing fees and other fees that are non-refundable will result in a cancellation fee being applied.  If a Member withdraws after the close of registration and the Tournament Committee is unable to fill the vacancy, the Member may forfeit all or a portion of their entry fee at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

In certain circumstances the Host Facility may require the Tournament Committee to pay in advance for reservation of the necessary tee times.  The contract with the Host Facility may not provide for any refund to the Tournament Committee if all slots are not filled.  In this circumstance a Member who withdraws may not be able to obtain a full refund.

Registered and paid competitors who fail to show up on time for their tee time may not be entitled to any refund of their entry fee.  Repeated incidents by a Member may result in disciplinary action from the Tour.

Tour Event Check In

The Tournament Committee should provide detailed instructions for all competitors in Tour Events at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to a Tour Event regarding the time and location for event check in.  In most circumstances check in may be completed through the Tour's mobile application.  Refer to the registration information provided by the Tournament Committee prior to the event for guidance.

Competitors are expected to arrive on time for check and their designated tee time.  Failure to check in and/or failure to arrive at the starting tee (for tee time starts) or the cart staging area (for shotgun starts) within five (5) minutes after the competitor's designated time shall result in a two-stroke penalty.  Failure to check in and/or arrive at the staring tee (for tee time starts) or the cart staging area (for shotgun starts) more than five (5) minutes after the competitor’s designated time may result in disqualification at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

Tour Event Scoring

The Tour will provide live electronic scoring for all Tour Events.  Official paper scorecards will be provided, when applicable, by the Tournament Committee at check in.  Competitors are expected to verify their name, tee time, and proper Division upon receipt of their official scorecard.  One competitor in each group must agree to maintain the live scoring for the group.  Another competitor must agree to maintain the official paper scorecard for the group.  All competitors must verify each player's hole-by-hole score prior to signing and submitting the official paper scorecard to the Tournament Committee, or by confirming the electronic scoring with the person in the group that entered the scores for the round.  Unless specified otherwise by the Conditions of Competition, the official paper scorecard will determine the competitors’ score.  All competitors must verify their score on the official scorecard with the Tournament Committee prior to leaving the designated scoring area.

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Tour Event Tee Assignments

All Tour Events will be played from the tees designated by the Tournament Committee for each division.  Tees may be marked by customized tee markers, or the Tournament Committee may elect to use the tee markers used for daily play by the Host Facility.  Generally, Tour Events will be played at the following distances for each division:

Division 1:

Back Tees or yardage determined by Tournament Committee

Divisions 2 and 3:

Formula = Div. 1 Yardage - ((Div. 1 Yardage - Senior Yardage) x 0.33)

Divisions 4 and 5:

Formula =  Div. 1 Yardage - ((Div. 1 Yardage - Senior Yardage) x 0.67)

Division 4 and 5 Seniors:

Senior Tees or yardage determined by Tournament Committee

Ladies in all Divisions:

Tee boxes with similar course rating as men’s tees in the same Division

Unless the Tour Event offers separate Senior Divisions, Seniors (age 60 to 69) and Super Seniors (age 70 and up) will play from one tee box in front of the competitors in their Division.

Equipment Policy

Per the USGA Rules of Golf, tournament competitors may not have more than fourteen (14) golf clubs in their bag during a tournament round.  If a competitor has arrived at the first tee with more than fourteen (14) clubs and declares one to be out of play and removes it from his bag prior to hitting their first shot, there will be no penalty assessed so long as the competitor does not attempt any stroke with the removed club during the round.

All clubs used in competition must comply with all current USGA Equipment Rules.  Violation of these rules may result in penalty or disqualification.

Pace of Play

The primary objective of the Tour is for Members and their guests to have FUN.  One of the main contributing factors to the Member experience is the pace of play.  Nobody enjoys 6 hour rounds or waiting before every shot.  The Tour standard is for all groups to complete their round in 4.5 hours or less.

Groups will be required to keep pace with the group in front of them.  Every individual within the group is responsible for the pace of the entire group regardless of who is the primary cause of the delay.  If a group falls behind and determined to be out of position, they will be given a warning.  If the group remains out of position through the completion of their next hole without closing the gap between them and the group in front of them, the Tournament Committee may assess a two-stroke penalty for slow play to the entire group. 

Competitors are encouraged to play ready golf.  Golf etiquette should be observed when possible.  However, keeping pace with the group in front of you is paramount.  There is no penalty in stroke play for playing out of turn.

Divisions 3, 4 & 5 will observe a triple bogey maximum on any hole.  Once a competitor reaches triple bogey for the hole, including penalty strokes, they MUST pick up their ball and discontinue play on that hole.  This rule is required to prevent unnecessary delay for the group and the field.

Any group that turns in their scorecard after the completion of play more than FOURTEEN (14) MINUTES after the preceding group will be assessed a slow play penalty of two strokes.

If a Member is assessed a slow play penalty three or more times in one season the Tour may take disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension and/or expulsion from the Tour.

Unmaintained/No Mow Areas - Lost Ball

Consistent with the Tour's emphasis on pace of play, most Tour Events will observe an Unmaintained/No Mow Area Rule that permits a player to treat areas of unmaintained long grass or forest as a red-staked penalty area from which they may take relief with one-stroke penalty per USGA Rule 17.1(d).  The objective of this rule is to prevent the additional time of returning to the spot of the previous shot to hit again under the USGA stroke-and-distance rule for a lost ball.

Areas of unmaintained tall grass or forest are generally easily definable from the regularly maintained and mowed areas of the golf course.  When in doubt as to whether an area constitutes "tall grass or forest", the competitor must confer with their group or play two balls and confer with the Tournament Committee prior to confirming the competitor’s official scorecard.

Triple Bogey Max

Divisions 3, 4 & 5 will observe a triple bogey maximum on any hole.  Once a competitor reaches triple bogey for the hole, including penalty strokes, they MUST pick up their ball and discontinue play on that hole.  This rule is required to prevent unnecessary delay for the group and the field.

Uncertainty of USGA Rules of Golf

If a competitor is uncertain as to the application of the USGA Rules of Golf and/or the proper procedure for taking a drop in any situation, the competitor may reach out to the Tournament Committee to obtain a ruling.  If the Tournament Committee cannot be reached in a timely manner, the competitor may play two balls from that point to complete the hole and obtain a ruling at the completion of the round before the competitor's final score is validated by signing the paper scorecard or affirming the electronic scoring.  The Tournament Committee will be the governing official in all issues involving Rules of Play.


Weather and daylight permitting, all ties for 1st place in each Division will be broken by sudden-death playoff on the course.  The Event Host will determine which hole the sudden-death playoff is to begin with consultation from the Host Facility regarding space availability.

All other ties will be broken by scorecard playoffs as follows:

One-day events:  1) Last 9 holes; 2) Last 6 holes; 3) Last 3 holes; 4) hole-by-hole scores on course handicap holes beginning with the #1 handicap hole and so on.

Multi-day events:  1) Final round total; 2) Last 9 holes of final round; 3) Last 6 holes of final round; 4) Last 3 holes of final round; 5) Last 9 holes of previous round; 6) Last 6 holes of previous round; 7) Last 3 holes of previous round; 8) hole-by-hole scores on course handicap holes for final round beginning with the #1 handicap hole and so on.