By The Players...For the Players

General Policies

Dress Code & Code of Conduct

Members and their guests are expected to dress and behave as representatives of the Tour with a constant effort to positively reflect the Tour in all respects.  Members are expected to dress appropriately for golf in all competitions.  Collared shirts, including blade or mock collars, are required.  No jeans, denim or cutoff shorts of any kind will be permitted.  Any printed language, slogans, or logos should reflect positively on the Tour and its Members.  No vulgar or offensive language, slogans, logo or images will be permitted in any Tour Event.  Loud, disruptive, or offensive behavior, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, drug use, fighting, poor golf etiquette, improper or dangerous operation of carts or other Host Facility equipment, cheating, or other malignant behavior will not be tolerated.  Repeated violation of this policy may result in disqualification from a Tour Event, temporary suspension from the Tour, or permanent expulsion.

Caddies & Spectators

Spectators are welcome at all Tour Events unless specifically prohibited in the Conditions of Competition issued by the Tournament Committee, or in circumstances where Host Facility limits or prohibits spectators on the golf course.  If a Member has any question about whether spectators will be permitted to follow a group, the Member is responsible to contact and confirm with the Tournament Committee at least 24 hours prior to the first tee time of the event.  Spectators are NOT PERMITTED to provide any advice or information to any player during the round, become involved in any discussion or dispute involving rules, or otherwise insert themselves into the competition in any way.  Spectators may serve as an advance spotter for the players to assist with locating balls on blind shots or to direct when the group ahead has cleared the way.  Spectators may assist with the search for lost balls.  Violations of these rules will result in the assessment of penalty strokes and/or disqualification of the competitor.  The spectator may be asked to leave the premises and may be suspended from attending future Tour Events.

Unless specifically permitted in the Tournament Information section of the registration page and/or Rules of Competition, caddies generally will not be permitted at Tour Events.  However, the Tournament Committee may choose to permit caddies at their discretion at any time, so long as all competitors are advised at or prior to registration for the event that caddies will be permitted.  Members shall be solely responsible for the conduct of their caddie, whether they bring their own or hire one from the Host Facility.  Any violation of the USGA Rules of Golf, the Member’s Manual and Rules of Competition, the Rules of Membership, or the Conditions of Competition for the event will result in penalty strokes assessed to the Member and may lead to disciplinary action by the Tour.  Members are advised to choose their caddies carefully and use them at their own risk.

Guest Policy

Members are encouraged to invite and host guests at Tour Events.  Members shall be permitted to host no more than two (2) guests per event, and must be paired with said guests during play.  Unaccompanied guests may be permitted to play in Tour Events, and the Event Host should make every effort to pair unaccompanied guests with an experienced Member.

Guests shall be permitted to participate in up to two single-day events per year.  After the 2nd event the guest must apply for membership to the Tour before he or she will be permitted to register for any additional Tour Events in any Chapter.  If a guest would like to participate in a two-day event prior to joining the Tour, they may do so at the discretion of the Local Chapter Owner or Event Host if space remains after the close of registration.  The Local Chapter Owner may place the guest on a waiting list until registration has officially closed in order to provide Members priority access to register for said Event.

Guests may compete for regular flight prizes, skins and other side games, provided they can produce a current USGA-approved handicap or acceptable tournament index at the time of registration.  If a guest cannot produce a verifiable handicap index, the Tournament Committee may decline to permit the Guest to compete for the flight prizes but rather limit the Guest to skins or other side games unless they join the Tour prior to the Event.

Season points standings and Tour Index will be updated as soon as possible after the conclusion of play for each Tour Event.  Therefore, a guest may not collect season points for his or her finish unless they apply for membership and pay the joining fee prior to commencement of play.

Tour Event Prizes

Tour Event prizes may vary based on the size of the field in each Division, contribution of any event sponsors, and the format of each Tour Event.  Generally, a portion of the tournament entry fee shall be dedicated to the prize pool.  The purse for each event may not be finalized until the commencement of play due to late entries or withdrawals.

The Amateur Player Tour observes all USGA Rules of Amateur Status.  No single prize awarded for a single Tour Event shall exceed the applicable limit set forth by the USGA.  Prizes shall be awarded in any format acceptable under USGA Rules, including but not limited to gift certificates and gift cards.

Tour Event Trophies

Each Tour Event will award an Amateur Players Tour branded memento acknowledging the winners of each Division.  National Major Events and the National Championship will offer distinct, unique trophies to the winners of each Division.