Dress Code and Code of Conduct

Members and their Guests are expected to dress and behave as representatives of the Tour with a constant effort to positively reflect the Tour in all respects.  Members are expected to dress appropriately for golf in all competitions.  Collared shirts, including blade or mock collars, are required.  No jeans, denim or cutoff shorts of any kind will be permitted.  Any printed language, slogans, or logos should reflect positively on the Tour and its Members.  No vulgar or offensive language, slogans, logos or images will be permitted in any Tour Event.  Further, loud, disruptive, or offensive behavior, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, drug use, fighting, poor golf etiquette, improper or dangerous operation of carts or other Host Facility equipment, cheating, or other malignant behavior will not be tolerated.  Repeated violation of this policy may result in disqualification from a Tour Event, temporary suspension from the Tour, or permanent expulsion.